Giant Squid Brain

Photo by Jade M. Wong

It is sad that this is all that is left of the giant squid who washed in with hurricane Harvey and was found off the coast of Texas.  The squid was 43 feet long, and it probably weighed nearly a ton.  The carnivorous mollusk had a long, torpedo shaped body and at one end, it featured a beak-like mouth that appeared to be strong enough to cut through steel.  The beast was found with its arms and tentacles held up over its head, in what’s known as the ‘cockatoo’ position attacking a bait store in the harbor.  A marine scientist managed to save its doughnut shaped brain after many Texans shot the creature multiple times and then consumed it in a turtle seafood soup.  A Comanche Indian felt that the brain was still alive, as he sensed subliminal messages being sent to him to go out and buy a book titled the, ‘Ancient Book of Eli’, so he shot the giant squid brain with several arrows and then it began to bleed.

FFfAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of August 29, 2017
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