The Letter is F

Sorry for being late with the weekly contest but the interest seems to be dwindling to an all time low.  Last week was the first time that there were less than four contestants, and perhaps this contest is not as much fun as I had envisioned that it would be.  Write whatever you want, as I am only interested in the contestants having fun.  This game is called the Letter Repetition Game as this accurately describes how it played.  It is not an alliteration game as that would also involve the occurrence of the same sound in a word and this Letter Repetition Game requires you to write a sentence where every word in this sentence starts with the same letter.  If you think this could be a fun game, then write your sentence in the comment boxes shown below.  The person who gets the most likes on their sentence will be the winner.  Have fun, tell your friends and spread the word (no pun intended).

This contest will run starting from every Tuesday through the following Monday. The winner will be decided by the numbers of likes that their comment box gets.  If you paid any attention to the title of this post, it should be clear that you are to create a sentence where every word starts with the letter F for this week and next week we will move on to the letter G.  Don’t take this too serious, as this contest is mostly about having fun.  It is not that difficult to play, as all you have to do is make a sentence using words that start with the same letter.  The sentence does not have to make all that much sense, but the more sense it makes the better it is.  There is no prize issued and it would be good if you only made one submission per week.  Last week had 2 participants and it was a tie with both contestants each getting two likes.  Last week’s entries are listed below.

Vandana – Enchanted Emily endorsed eclectic eccentricities, explained equally enraptured, Edward!

Fandango – Eager Eddie’s energetic efforts easing endangered elephants eventually elevated every elementary element everywhere.

A sample sentence is listed below.

Farah Fawcett ferociously foraged frozen French fries from fabulously fantastic films.

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  1. Fabulous Fanny Farmer faced ferociously famous forensic fellow Frederick Franklin for felonious fanaticism. Franklin found fortuitous fingerprints forcing findings favorable for Fanny.

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  2. I enjoy these challenges, but I can relate. My “Storytime” prompt had fewer entries on the second week than on the first. I’ll probably try it one more time, but if the interest doesn’t improve, I may end it.

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