Getting in the Mood

This article is about having sex, so if you are a prude, then you can stop reading now.  It is totally normal for a couple to become hot for each other, and this is usually followed by them jumping into bed together, because they are both in the mood and they are aroused, so logically they make love.  It is easier for younger men to get into the mood, than it is for women of any age group.  Most women do not get in the mood at the drop of a hat, and start panting and removing their clothes at any opportunity.

Most men seem to need very little stimulation, as they are ready to go when they see something desirable. While women work differently, they need to relax, so they are able to concentrate on what’s going on, and they enjoy it best when things heat up slowly.  Women have a physical need just like men do, as they get aroused, but they don’t seem to be bothered if they have to go for a prolonged period without sex.  Men have been designed to be the pursuers, and women are the responders in most relationships.  A man has to be ready all the time, in case he is able to find a woman who wants to respond to his advances.

Women want to derive as much pleasure out of having sex as men do, so they don’t ever want to have to fake it.  They need to be ready to respond to kisses and sensual groping and always have their head in the game in case things tend to heat up.  Man or woman, every person needs to know how to properly stimulate themselves, so they know what feels good and they are able to determine what they like.  Sex is a brain thing and if your head is screwed on right, natural instincts will let your body follow.  Everyone controls their own sex drive and whether or not they allow themselves to become aroused.

All men want women to respond to them and to accept them and by having sex, men are able to see how their woman responds and determine if they will be chosen again for this honor.  When you are in bed with your partner, you should stop paying attention to your own body and start paying attention to your partner’s needs.  You don’t actually need to be in the mood, you just have to show a willingness to trust your partner, peruse them or respond to them and most likely arousal will follow.

Sandi Flip Flop 6th installment of Manic Monday titled In The Mood

44 thoughts on “Getting in the Mood

      1. OK, I read it just now. But men also don’t get bothered by prolonged period of ‘inactivity’. The ascetics and monks have often been men..

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      2. I think it’s more of a cultural thing. In Asian cultures it was consider as a taboo, (strange because the same culture earlier embraced it).. What is weird is that almost all of the religions consider it to be a sinful activity.. Wonder why the organs were ever made? They could have just gone with the hermaphrodite way, when they were making us..

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      3. The Kama Sutra is not an erotica as it’s pointed out in the West. It’s just a book on personal hygiene.. But as I said in the comment Jim.. The cultures earlier openly embraced the idea. I think a lot has to do with the advent of atheistic religions like Buddhism and Jainism.. I could be wrong..

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      4. Most people would disagree with you as the Kama Sutra is seen as a sex book although it does have other information in it. It contains some parts about personal hygiene, but it is not a book about personal hygiene.

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      5. I have to prepare a report on personal hygiene in the ancient world. Basically it’s the only work. I read the original with Sanskrit and translation on the other done in early 19th century.. Trust me there is nothing erotic about me. It was as it will be a manual..

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      6. It was when I was in college, Jim. I don’t think I have saved a copy. Even if I would have my old laptop was swiped clean and then was damaged again..

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      7. Masturbation replaces a need to have sex with your partner, because in a man it relieves the pressure that is brought about by the 72-hour cycle of semen build-up. God actually wants everyone to stop masturbating, but it is extremely hard to give up certain things that feel good and that you have been doing for a long time. Why should God care about what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms? God wants you to avoid self indulgence, but the Bible does not specifically forbid or denounce masturbation.

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