Last Chance

General Willey Bird commander of the 101 Screaming Eagle paratrooper division said, ‘I think he should be coming out of that tent soon, as the wind just shifted and now it is blowing out to sea.  He has been sitting in that tent for four hours and this is his last chance.  I gave him the option of diving off of this cliff, or jumping from the top of the Golden State bridge and he chose this place, which was a wise decision.  If he wasn’t related to the Postmaster General, he would not have even gotten this second chance and right now he would be facing court marshal charges for dereliction of duty.

He should have jumped out of the plane the other day with the rest of the troops on the practice jump. The Sergeant tried to shove him out, but he hung on with a death grip and managed to stay in the plane.  I play golf with the Postmaster General and he begged me to give his nephew one more chance.  I have some Navy Seals waiting to help him when he hits the water and if he does not jump off that cliff in another twenty minutes, I will send a helicopter up there to forcibly bring him down.  Look he is out of the tent, he better not chicken out this time.’

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt

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      1. A handful responded to the prompt, including you and Sight. I’ll give “Storytime” a few more shots and some time to gain traction to see if it’s worth keeping it going.

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