Practice Rock

That is the coolest rock that I have ever seen.  My cousin is one of those daredevil, rock climbers and I have always wanted to give it a try.  This rock looks like a good one to practice on and there would be no need for a rope.  It has plenty of indentations that can be used to get a foot hold and it is not all that tall, so if I slipped off while climbing, I probably would not get hurt that bad.  It is the perfect practice rock where I could work on my strength and movement.


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46 thoughts on “Practice Rock

      1. My bad as my posts are organized in categories not in tags. I have very few tags and it is too much trouble to go back and fix all of my posts. Thanks for trying to help.


      2. No I don’t search anyone’s tags, but if I do a Google search on a particular word, and you used it as a tag, your post might show in the results. I am not familiar with “Make this post sticky.” Sorry.


  1. When my grandchildren wanted me to join them on the trampoline I declined. At my age a person could twist just so and be immobile for a week. I don’t do rocks, either — barely ladders.☺

    As to this tags cat’s thing, I tell new blogger this is your blog’s filing system. Use categories like the file drawers: main subjects. Use tags like the individual file folders.
    Yes WordPress says they allow up to 15 in combination . I don’t see any listed. The main thing is to check the Reader and be sure your posts are going into the right topics there.

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    1. I think it is sort of like a mixture of Goldilocks and that saying, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, where it would not challenge many, but for some it could be the perfect practice rock.


  2. LOLOL!! I’m not even going to try to explain how much fun my brain had with this story. Anyone that knows me would immediately understand the visuals. Me, hanging off the rock, my shorts riding up, my hair a mess, yelling for help, that I’m going to fall, but my ass is only 3 inches from the ground. The Viking would not be impressed but I would have had a blast. Thanks for the fun!! :o)

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