One Spicy Meatball

Mamma Mia, that’s one spicy meatball-a!  Do Italians really talk that way?  The phrase Spicy Meatball can be used to express excitement, empathy, disdain, or a variety of other feelings.  This phrase is versatile because a person may derive mixed feelings when eating spicy foods.  They are likely to feel excitement before ingestion thinking about a savory flavor, or a possible regret or pain during the mastication process of crushing and grinding the food up with their teeth, and maybe feelings of pure satisfaction or going in the other direction anguish about consuming too many calories or even the inevitable heartburn that could follow.

A guy might say the phrase Spicy Meatball when he is referring to a very sexy, but plump, Italian girl.  Hey look at those tits and that ass on Maria, she is one spicy meatball!  On occasion this phrase has been used to describe a girl when her thong is hanging out of her pants and then someone might say, ‘Yo look at Gina, she’s got a spicy meatball.’  Of course this phrase could be about a spicy meatball that someone offers you and says, ‘Try It! You’ll Like It’ and then later on you respond, ‘I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing.’

In 1969, Alka-Seltzer made a Spicy Meatball commercial about a made up brand of spaghetti sauce named Mama Magadini’s Spicy Meatballs.  A line from the commercial, ‘Mama mia! That’s a spicy meatball,’ became a catch phrase.  It was a successful advertisement because people loved watching the guy’s face when he gets the heartburn, but most of the people who watched this commercial thought it was about spaghetti sauce.

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