Smooth Ride

Fandango and Sight went for a ride on their tandem bicycle, because it was double the fun by allowing them to ride together and they are a hell of a lot faster, also they attract more attention and the guys were hoping that some girls would notice them.  Sight was riding in the back and he said, ‘This is so sweet with these new Gel seats.  We should have gotten these a long time ago.  The padding is molding to my body giving me a soft ride.’  Fandango said, ‘Those elastomer springs also play a role in cushioning the ride and these new saddles are providing us the ultimate in comfort while riding.  We are getting extra support while the coil spring suspension evens out imperfections in the road and the vented anatomic airflow channel provides perineum relief and cool air circulation.’  Sight said, ‘Do we really need all of that?’  Fandango said, ‘In case you have gas the vented design gives it a place to go.’  Sight said, ‘Can we ride past Sandi’s house?’

Written for Priceless Joy’s August 8th FFfAW challenge.
Word count 175

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  1. Smiled all the way to the vent, it needs a cork in it if the girls sit on the rear handle bars!


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