19 thoughts on “Life On Mars

  1. Well now, I learned something new. Because of course I had to look up the names of the two infamous gents you mentioned in your tale. Hooke, who coined the term “cell” and van Leeuwenhoek who was instrumental in making great contributions to what we call a microscope. Nice take on the prompt! 🙂

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    1. This will be on the test tomorrow, how many little green men’s antennas can be seen without a microscope?
      A) A few dozen
      B) Hundreds of those suckers
      C) Thousands of those buggers
      D) Millions of Martians

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      1. They can rapidly expand, or worse enter the bloodstream and kill us.. Infect us.. These are plausible scenarios.. Or they were already seeing us, the reason for them telling us In English..

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