Carousel Lounge

She sent me a message on DateHelper dot com which surprised me as I had not been on that dating site in years. I was curious so I wrote back to her and gave her my cell number.  I like to do this because most of the girls who write to me are actually living in Nigeria and they always ask me for money.  We texted back and forth for a while and we finally decided to meet in person for a date.

Her name was Cindy and she asked me to meet her at the Carousel Lounge which was conveniently situated about halfway between where we each lived.  I suggested several other locations, but she said her cousin worked there, so she wanted to meet there because she would feel safe in this place.  I knew that this place was a dive and I had never been there and I had no desire to frequent this establishment, but it had been a long time since I had been on a date, so I decided what the hell.  I had heard that this place was a merry-go-round for all types of people who were down on their luck.

I drove past this disreputable neighborhood bar many times, and I usually saw derelicts hanging outside, but I guess that there were probably some normal local residents that enjoyed gathering there to drink and socialize.  I would describe it as being poorly keep, but I would not go as far as saying it was sinister, or some kind of a detriment to the community.  I saw something on the News one day about a bunch of people getting sick from eating pickled eggs at this Carousel Lounge, so the last thing that I was going to do while I was there was to order any food.

I parked around back and I spotted a crackhead in the parking lot, who tried to bum a cigarette from me, but I told him that I don’t smoke.  As soon as I got inside of this joint I spotted Cindy right away, even in the dingy light and I was glad that I had dressed down.  She was wearing a short skirt which showed off her nice legs and her top stretched out across her child bearing boobs.  Cindy was smoking a cigarette and holding a pool stick and chatting with five Hispanic dudes.

She recognized me from my picture on the dating site and she told the dudes Hasta La Vista and went right up to me and kissed me on my lips.  I grabbed her hand and asked her if she already had a place to sit.  Cindy told me that she just arrived a few minutes before me and she was chatting with some of her cousins friends and then she said that there was a nice place for us to sit over there by the pool table.  We walked over to the table and I asked her if I should order drinks.  Cindy said, ‘Get beer, bring back a pitcher and two dirty glasses.’  I asked her what she meant by that comment and she told me that the dirtier the glasses are the more bubbles they form and that she liked bubbles.  I asked her if she had a preference for any beer and she told me to just order the cheapest one.

I went up to the bar and order a pitcher of Bud Light and I asked the bartender if I could have one dirty glass and one clean glass and he gave me this look and told me that all of his glasses were clean.  We killed off that first pitcher and then we were well into the second, when I told Cindy that I was getting hungry and I wondered if she wanted something to eat.  Cindy said that they have some pretty good chili dogs here and I said that I would rather that we go eat somewhere else.  Cindy winked at me and said that sounds like fun, so I dropped three bucks on the table as a tip and we walked towards the car.

As we were leaving the bar Cindy told me that she left her lipstick on the table and she would be right back.  I saw her pocket the tip and I realized that she was really hard up.  I held the door of my car open for her and as she settled in, her skirt rose all the way up where I could see her cootchie, as she was going commando.  I asked her why she still had a glass of beer in her hand and she told me that she would finish it while we were driving.

I told Cindy to finish off her beer before I started driving, as I did not want to get arrested for having an open beverage in my car.  She called me a pussy and I said this is so sweet, we are having our first fight.  I told Cindy to just down her beer and that and I would buy her more later, because I was not going to take a chance on being pulled over.  She flat out refused and I said, ‘Hasta La Vista baby get out of my car.’  She left and I saw her go over to where those Hispanic dudes were smoking a joint out in the parking lot.  All of a sudden the ground opened up and they all got swallowed by a giant sink hole.

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  1. This may be further out there than any cartoons I draw and I have talking dogs and cats! No, I’m not talking about the sink hole thing but the guy giving up a sure thing for an open glass of beer in the car!

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      1. I watched a documentary, world beneath your feet or hidden beneath your feet something like that, BBC I think.. It was Florida they were talking about..

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