The Last Time I Cried

Gale was a rescue dog and when she had to be put down I wrote a poem to read to her hoping it would calm her as the Vet gave her the fatal injection. Gale was a German Shepherd and she got that degenerative hip disease as she aged and the life we had together was a sentimental journey. I gave her mega doses of Glucosamine, which is a joint pain supplement.  As the disease progressed, her hind legs grew weaker and eventually she was not able to stand any more and her back legs became completely paralyzed.  I used that Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ as a basis for my poem.

Whose dog is this, I think I know.
You belong to me, wherever we go.
We walk together high and low.
Our best times are spent out in the snow.
My little friend, you are so dear.
We stop at a farmhouse that is near.
In the woods we pass frozen deer.
It is the darkest evening of the year.
You give your tail a little shake.
You are my best friend and that is no mistake.
You like to walk down by the lake.
Oh easy wind and downy flake.
We are in the woods, they are dark and deep,
The squirrels run and the rabbits leap.
We have miles to go but now you must sleep,
We have miles to go but now you must sleep.

I made a PowerPoint video out of my poem and it was pretty cool, but sadly them Russian hackers corrupted my file, so I lost all of the neat sounds that were in it. I had these cool sounds of dogs barking, whining and drinking that are lost, however I was able to save a copy of the file in an email which the Russians did not get.  I like the part at the end where Gale floats up to heaven.

Manic Monday Sentimental Journey


13 thoughts on “The Last Time I Cried

      1. Damn, those hackers. I will send you an email today. I wonder why I never got your mail? And don’t worry I won’t send a link..or an attachment..


  1. Oh, I’m sad. I know eventually, our little buddy will go, and I fear how I’ll feel. Or how the kids will react. He’s now 8 and I can see him beginning to struggle with higher jumps onto beds and such. We’re going to have to build him a step to the bed. The kids have had him since they were 5 and 3.

    I’m sorry you’re sad. Pets are special.

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