photographer © J Hardy Carroll

The Secret Service began restricting access to the sidewalk because the Donald will be passing by here on his way to his tower. I heard that he actually called himself the greatest person in the world.  Jeff Sessions America’s top prosecutor, serving as the US attorney general has been criticized by the Trump administration for being very weak on leaks, said that four people have been charged over leaks in a recent crackdown that was launched on these embarrassing disclosures.  The suspects were accused of divulging classified material or having some involvement linking them to concealed contacts with foreign intelligence officers.

I think that the leaks continue because Trump is not telling the whole truth, he has invented the Fake Media as a ploy to be used when he wants to discredit anything and insists on the Russia Collusion stories being a witch hunt.  It happened to Nixon and unauthorized disclosures have bedeviled government officials for as long as there have been governments.  President Trump and his aides have been especially troubled by leaks this year, partly because there have been so many of them.  It’s been a torrent, really, of several different kinds of Trump-related leaks.

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14 thoughts on “Leaks

    1. Is that about leaving the European Union? I know that there is always trouble between the Labour and the Scottish National Party, and the Democratic Unionist Party, but whatever else is involved, I don’t have a clue.

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    1. Thanks. I went to England and Scotland. I had a lot of trouble trying to understand what the Scottish were saying. The one thing that the English and Scottish had in common was the sheep jokes that they made about the Irish.


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