Casual Dating

What is casual dating?  It sounds glamorous and mysterious, but in reality, it is just a polite term for sleeping around, playing the field or hooking up.  Although I guess that you could be in a casual dating relationships with sex being involved.  Casual dating may be an ideal scenario for a guy that wants the freedom to go out with any woman at any time, but it may not be a desirable situation for others, and it is not for everyone.

Do some guys actually enjoy spending their time dating random women?  Casual dating is all about keeping your options open until you can figure out what type of person you are most compatible with.  Is casually dating random women truly how you want to spend your time?  For some guys this situation is too good to be true, as they can have a enjoyable time being with someone, while keeping things light and easygoing.  There are no serious talks, no pressure to commit and (best of all) no messy breakups.  This can be a way for a guy to gain experience and at the same time filter out some of the women that they feel that they are not going to get along with.

In order to get to know anybody, you must spend time together and when you enjoy spending time with someone, then you will most likely desire to get to know this person better, and making a commitment takes time.  Some people feel an instant attraction to another person which can be described as a magnetic force that’s present the moment that they meet someone and they already know that they are going to be with that person for a very long time.  I have never believed in Soul Mates although many people in the dating world are searching for this.

You probably need some kind of physical and emotional connection with a person before you decide to engage in date-like activities together.  Casual dating just allows you to be free to date other people and pursue other options, because there is no obligation or commitment made between the two of you, and your relationship with one another is light and informal with no strings attached and maybe you are just friends with benefits.

Casual dating allows a person to partake in the dating world on their own terms and with their own rules and it can work out good for some people.  Consider the person who just got out of a long-term relationship and they are not interested in or ready yet to pursue anything serious with someone new at this time. Maybe some person might prefer to date in a way that removes the underlying pressures, demands and anxiety that can come from monogamy or a formal commitment.  Casual dating can be an intriguing and exciting option for the person who wants to keep the thrill of the chase alive as this allows them to pursue and date multiple people at once, all while staying completely unattached and uncommitted.  Casual dating truly leaves the door open for new people, new possibilities and new experiences without the obligation or burden of being tied down.

The level of seriousness in dating characterizes the difference between a committed relationship and casual dating.  A serious relationship is when two people are in a committed, monogamous relationship with each other.  A lot of people who engage in casual dating do this to have fun, as it allows them to have someone to hang out with and go places with, without requiring a commitment to that person.  It lets people be friends without any complications.  Casual daters often have sexual relations with the people they are casually dating, however they may also be having relations with other people as well.  People involved in a sexual relationship while casually dating should take precautions to avoid pregnancy and spreading of diseases.

7 thoughts on “Casual Dating

  1. Casual dating.. Basically.. Acting like a prostitute (male or female) without being paid.
    Casual relationships.. A niche term to describe swinger..
    Jim, I hope you never do these things. It’s tough being committed to something or someone.. And those who do take the hard way are real men and women..

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      1. Look Jim relationship means relationship. In this age of Tinder.. Its more like becoming relation-wink-wink.. Could you believe that the tag line of a popular app actually said.. Life is short have an affair.. Sick..

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      2. I try to concentrate on my own life and I do not judge others. I am no better than anyone else, I wish the world was a better place, but because I respect the opinions of others I know that by taking this defeatist attitude, I will not change anything. Maybe you can change the world, but I just want to live in peace.

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      3. Come on You are an Academician. If you think you are right, than you should be. You have a personality, a working brain and you have a keen intellect. The last thing you want to do is to make a gesture of submitting. Just say, To you yours and to me mine.. Don’t say you are right (because by default it would make you wrong)

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  2. I neither had a committed relationship nor did I date anyone casually. But I think casual dating has become a norm amongst teenagers and young people but when they grow up they think maturely and marry a wise and good person and not just for sex.


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