National Underwear Day

I watched them parade down the street and thought that this National Underwear Day was at least one step up from National Nude Day.  It seems like a good way to get a tan and I am all for promoting body acceptance and embracing body image, but I think that I will just snap a few photos and then retreat back to my house where I can strip down and enjoy this holiday in the privacy of my abode and I won’t be posting any of my pictures on facebook.  To say this breif-ly, there is a time and a place for everything and although this appears to be the time and place for showing off your underwear, I bet that there are some people that don’t want to have to see it.

I am not a stick in the mud and I realize that underwear can be fun, especially like those superhero ones that I got last Christmas.  I think that it would be a real blast if someone held an underwear party and I got invited.  I heard that Fandango hosted a party like this last year and Sight won best costume.  They said that Sandi looked real nice in the bright pink ones that she wore. There are so many fun colors and patterns, I think that I will go to the store and get a pair with Underdog the cartoon character on them just in case I get invited this year.

It is bad enough having to deal with plumbers crack when the pipes under your sink start leaking, but this National Underwear Day is going too far.  Not to mention those saggers, the misguided youths that wear low riding pants, so they can purposely reveal too much.  Sagging is predominantly a male fashion, however some women enjoy flaunting their G-string underwear.  Underwear was a great invention, they serve an important function and they are ingrained into my life.  They are the first thing that I put on every morning after my shower, and the last thing that I take off before I slip beneath my sheets at night. However they are called unmentionables for a good reason.

10 thoughts on “National Underwear Day

    1. Hey, how come I won the contest? Why Fandango was the one hosting it.. You know he is a Commando..? He told us in the tailor post.. And Jim Sandi will kick you in the nuts… For this.. Haha..

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