I Have Always Been Stubborn

People need to learn how to live with me because I am already gone, I am set in my ways and there is a zero to none chance of me ever changing.  I am determined not to change, even when others show me good reason to do this.  I am stubborn as a mule and at times I maybe even more stubborn.  When I was young, I decided that I did not like onions, however both my parents and my sister and brother all enjoyed eating them.  This forced me to hand pick all of the nasty onions out of my food.  My father told me to just eat my food and stop picking at it and one day he got this brilliant idea.  He told my mom to cut up the onions so small that nobody would be able to see that they were in the food.

Even when onions are picked out of any dish, they have already done their damage of contaminating the flavor just by being there in the first place.  It made me feel better seeing a big pile of onions that I had removed, but the disgusting taste was still there, however I figured that I had no control over that, so I ate the food when I was hungry.  My dad smiled at me while I was eating this dish with the miniscule onions embedded in it and he said, ‘See you can eat onions.’  I immediately spit them out on my plate and refused to eat any more dinner that night.  My stubbornness caused his bright plan to backfire, as my mom cooked a special dinner just for me and from that point forward, she always made my meals without onions.

My stubborn personality trait may be viewed as being a reward-seeking or pain-avoiding characteristic to some physiologists, but for me it was a way to say, ‘I am not going to put up with that BS anymore, I won’t take it and you cannot make me.’  All I had to do was hold my ground and I could get exactly what I desired.  I had my own identity, my own beliefs, opinions, ideas and my own preference for tastes.  I did not mind if people disagreed with me as I reasoned that they had their own opinions also, so I was never threatened by any of them.

I could care less if people say that I am closed-minded and inflexible, because my stubbornness is beneficial to me, as it gave me a new found happiness.  In my mind, I see myself as always doing the right thing, even when the entire world is ganging up against me.  In a post One Space or Two? written today by my good friend Fandango, it was pointed out to me that I am not conforming to what the modern world expects writers to do.  I enjoy defending my ideas, but if my stubbornness reaches the point where all negations have failed, I will walk away.

This sort of happened between myself and my brother’s family.  I had this minor legal issue, so I wrote an email to my niece (my brother’s daughter) who had just passed the bar and was now officially a lawyer.  I explained my problem and I cc’d my brother in the email.  My brother called me and told me that my niece was too busy planning her wedding to take 5 minutes out of her schedule to write back to me.  I boycotted her wedding and now I don’t talk to my brother or his family.

I want you to know
That it doesn’t matter
Where we take this road
Someone’s gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn’t have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I’m already gone

14 thoughts on “I Have Always Been Stubborn

      1. And you too.. A legendary guy.. But really I still feel sorry for the nights my mother has to cook different dish just for me.. Hmm.. So many memories came flooding back..

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I have nothing against children, nor against music.. But I have a thing or two to say against those who make me wanna hear it.. Forcefully..


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