City of Stone

On a secluded mountain mesa, I shouted, ‘I am sure this is the way to the ancient ruins of the legendary city of stone, which was once inhabited by the Incas.  This has to be the trail that the famous archaeologist explorer Arthur Fact reported when he was last here in 1924.  So many years have gone by since he disappeared in the remote regions of these mountains on his last mission to find this place again.  Look at that where the stone structure gives the impression of a fortress, that must date back a good many years.  I am going to be so famous for discovering and exploring this lost city.’

We walked past the precision-cut stone wall that was constructed without mortar in that renown Inca architecture style.  I said, ‘Legends of this lost city have been told for hundreds of years, by various explorers and prospectors who got a glimpse of what lies beyond the jungle foliage.  Some of these tales say that the Indians took refuge from Spanish conquistadores here in this mystical, Eden-like paradise from which no one has ever returned from.  It is very possible that we will find some gold or at the very least a remarkable untouched stone sculpture that has been left since the city was abandoned.  Any artifact that we find will make this trip through the jungle worthwhile.  We can take all the pictures that we want, but we will not be able to do any excavating, till we get written permission from the Archeology Society.  Make sure that you stay clear of those Burgamansia leaves, as I heard that contacting them might make you hallucinate.’

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

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  1. Hey were you exploring when you wrote that comment? That’s why there were no clothes when you came back to Earth.. Haha..

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