Bad Breath

Ancient man must have had a higher tolerance to body and breath odors, because it is reasonable to think that bad breath or halitosis has existed throughout all of human history.  They settled close to water so they could take baths, except when the weather got too cold and then they learned to suffer through the smell.  Since toothpicks were not invented yet, they probably used their fingers to scrape any unwanted food particles away from their teeth.  This most likely was not considered to be gross back in those days, as I don’t think that manners were invented yet and so they were also able to belch and fart at the dinner table.  Caveman may have had better teeth than we do today, as teeth usually only get real bad when sugary sweet things are consumed.  Since ancient man did not do all that much grooming, it is likely that their over-grown nose hairs prevented them from being able to smell bad breath.

Ancient Romans chewed parsley to mask garlic breath and onion breath and then soon after this the first toothpaste was invented and this discovery was found in Vienna Austria.  The recipe was written in Greek and it called for one drachma of rock salt (a measure equal to one hundredth of an ounce) two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together. The Habsburgs were the holders of this ancient knowledge along with some 180,000 items that they collected and some of these documents or tablets were up to 3,500 years old.

Eventually the Chinese invented the toothbrush.  This was a big step for fighting bacteria as germs are responsible for most mouth odors.  The toothbrush design improved over the years and mouthwash, breath spray, breath mints and dental floss came along to help fight against bad breath.  An electric toothbrush was invented.  Some people scrape their tongues to remove certain bacteria, food debris and dead cells that brushing your teeth just does not do.  If you eat smelly foods like onions, they will travel into your bloodstream and make their way into your lungs where you will breath them out.  I always avoid eating onions, because they are plain nasty.

People that smoke cigarettes usually have bad breath and some dogs that lick their butts also have bad breath.  Dogs enjoy sniffing people’s crotches and they don’t seem to mind bad breath as the just enjoy smelling things.  My dog would smell every load of poop on the ground left by other dogs and I always wondered what she was able to determine from this.  Could she tell which dog dropped the duce, or was she able to discern how long ago it was made?  Some people actually brush their dog’s teeth, but I never did that as I just gave her those dog breath biscuits.

27 thoughts on “Bad Breath

  1. I also hate onions.. Never tried them.. But coming to the post.. Do you know desert were introduce in the last 300 years or so.. And the cavity problem became rampant at around the similar time.. Also.. There was no sugar earlier just jaggery..

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      1. It was for the whites not the browns. Slum dog is a slang or worst insult in their native tongue.. I read an article on it.. That’s why write pun intended..

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      2. I am different from others, as all I see are people not colors, but if you say slum dog is offensive then I will remove it. I have so much to learn yet, like what the hell is blogspot anyway?

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      3. No don’t remove it.. Just say don’t be offended or pun intended… She may have already read that.. And blogspot is like WordPress or Blogger.. You can create blogs at these websites..


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