Why Did the Tower Collapse

It is not very clear how much man knew before the days of Noah and the flood, but man must have carried some knowledge with him, because civilization sprang up like a phoenix out of the ashes once the ark landed on Mount Ararat.  Noah definitely knew about fire and he probably knew about the wheel and he had construction skills which allowed him to build the boat.  I think that Noah may have been aware of some sacred geometry which incorporates the base 60.  Geometry is all about shapes and their properties.  An angle measures the amount of turn in a certain shape.  Most shapes are related to the angle of 60 degrees, as the sum total of all three interior angles of a triangle is always 180.  180 divided by 60 equals 3.  For the square having four equal sides it is 360.  360 divided by 60 equals 6.  The pentagon, a five sided object has 540 and 540 divided by 60 equals 9.  The six sided hexagon is 720 and 720 divided by 60 equals 12.  A seven-sided heptagon is 900 and 900 divided by 60 equals 15.  The eight sided octagon is 1080 and 1080 divided by 60 equals 18.

Math is beautiful when you can see the patterns and what I see here is that different shapes are created by adding another side and you may think of them as being more complex shapes, but each time a side is added and then that new total interior angle is divided by 60 a number is incremented by 3.  The Sumerians used base 60 for their number scheme and the number 60 had a special significance to the ancients.  Apart from being equal to five dozen, or the average number of pairs of shoes that the modern woman owns, the number 60 is still in use today as we have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and as I have already discussed many angles relate to 60.  If the number is a principle of sacred geometry is it possible that it emerged from God and was given to man, and then carried by Noah and his sons of after the flood, as they migrated and settled into the lands of the middle east?

Noah and his family all spoke the same language and Noah grew grapes and he made wine, but he probably also constructed a house, so he didn’t have to live in a damp cave.  People multiplied their numbers (nothing to do with math) settling in the cradle of civilization because it was a fertile crescent comprised of green lands located between the Tigris & Euphrates rivers.  It wasn’t long before individuals developed special skills such as mining, metallurgy, music, agriculture and animal husbandry and then they decided to build temples.  These temples were originally built on platforms and eventually these temples were made higher and bigger.  Ultimately they decided to build even higher temples on platforms which were stepped and these stepped towers are called ziggurats.

It is thought that the Tower of Babel constructed under the leadership of king Nimrod was a ziggurat or temple-tower, and it had geometry based on the number 60.  Nimrod wanted to make a name for himself and his subjects followed him.  He was motivated by self glorification to build a great tower.  He wanted visitors to come to his city and admire the engineering that went into this project, and be amazed about how he could lead so many men to carry out of this great plan, and be astonished at all the hard work that went into constructing it.  He had a lust for power (I could have used this yesterday) and he felt that people might travel miles to see it and that would be good for commerce.

One day a giant named Og, got a job working for King Nimrod building the tower of Babel.  Og became skilled in construction helping to build this stairway to heaven.  Og learned how to make bricks by mixing chopped straw with clay and how to pour this into molds.  These bricks were baked in the sun and then they were joined together using tar.  Og helped to build the wooden scaffolding and he hoisted bricks and stone up to the upper levels using a pulley system.  King Nimrod recognized what a good worker Og had become and how the other workers looked up to him (how could they not as he was a giant), so he promoted Og to foreman.  Og had to inspect the quality of bricks and make sure that they were not being made out of substandard materials and he had to ensure that all the stairs were within tolerance.  Og kept the other workers on track and made sure that the foundation was sturdy.  When Og climbed up to the top of the tower, he had an impressive view of Mesopotamia and this made him dream of his lost unicorn.

Og realized that this tower was doomed to fail, as the bricks were not strong enough to stand up to the elements of nature.  Og went to King Nimrod to tell him that he wanted to quit his job, because he felt that he would be blamed because of shoddy construction.  Nimrod told Og that he was aware that some of the bricks were crumbling, but he wanted Og to continue working because he felt they were getting closer to heaven.  Og told Nimrod that he was acting like the back end of a centaur, and he told the king that they would never be able to build anything that could reach heaven.  Nimrod allowed Og to quit and he gave him his pay and then a lightning bolt flashed down from the sky and struck the tower of Babel.  God confounded the language of the workers and the construction stopped and people were scattered to different parts of the Earth.  Og left the city of Babel and went to the wilderness to look for his unicorn.

21 thoughts on “Why Did the Tower Collapse

  1. so…there’s no math involved when having kids. I think some shapes have to squeeze through some other shapes…if I recall correctly. And then increasing population…that’s all math, isn’t it? 1+1+1 more. How did they make up those population signs? You are now entering the city of – population ###

    Noah grew grapes and he made wine – so it’s safe to say, “Noah was a wine snob?” – hahahahah. Only his wine or no wine, perhaps?

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      1. It is wonderful to have a friend like you. Thanks for the invite, I will be more than happy to participate, however you promised that you would get in my word contest and so far you have been a no-show. Look for my post later, ‘The Letter is C.’


      2. Dude… I just spent 6 minutes on your blog trying to figure out where… no success. If you want people to participate you have to market and tell them where to go! Unless it’s your recent post! (which I just responded on) – so it’s it’s that Letter game and it’s letter C “Crazy Cindy craved Craisins, but chomped on carrots instead.”

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      3. Chick. You are off to a good start but you must wait for my post later. Your sentence, ‘Crazy Cindy craved Craisins, but chomped on carrots instead’ will be disqualified because you inserted three words (but, on and instead) that do not start with the letter C. Try changing ‘but’ to conversely, maybe ‘on’ could be changed to contacting and ‘instead’ might become contrasted. So what do you have, Crazy Cindy craved Craisins, conversely chomping contacting carrots contrasted’, well that is all I have for you.


    1. I think that you still need two people to make children, so it is just simple math. You mentioned something about squeezing shapes through other shapes and I guess that is how the camel was able to fit through the eye of a needle. I understand why town population signs are a big concern for you as California is one of the few if not the only state that has city limits signs with the population and elevation on their signs. Noah got drunk and then he got naked to show that he was not a snob.

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      1. It is not very clear exactly what happened, but I have my theories about why Ham was cursed. I don’t think that Noah was some kind of pervert going around showing his knob to everyone, it was just a drunk thing. My book clears up a lot of things that were left vague in the Bible, because I love to make up stories.

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  2. The math of 60 is what I use to demonstrate God as a Trinity. I have an 18 inch wooden model of an equilateral triangle. One side (bottom) is a trinity logo, with the three rings. One side is a crown image for Father, one side is a cross for Jesus, and one side is a flame for the Holy Spirit. All the angles are 60 degrees. Perfection is the reality of God alone.


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