Summertime Blues the Story

I am not going to raise a fuss, and there is no reason for me to shout or cry, I have not worked all summer long as I have been here writing every day.  I see some bloggers have incorporated advertisements on their sites to promote one thing or another, but I am not sure if that is such a sweet deal.  I had to stop following some bloggers because of this and even though I loved their writing, my virus protection system kept issuing warnings so much that I had to close the post before I was even done reading it.  So no matter how much they earn by selling out, I view it as being small potatoes (you know those cute baby or petite ones).

Every time I call my baby, to try to get a date, I tell her that I just finished playing dice with her boss and since I won again she won’t have to work late.  Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do, because writing in this Monday Maniac Challenge is so time consuming, but it seems to be a cure for the summertime blues.  My mother and father both told me, ‘Stop writing all the time, you lazy SOB get out of the house and make some money.  If you get a job, we will let you use the car after church next Sunday.’  I wanted to use the car, but just the thought of going to work made me feel sick.  Thoughts of getting the car haunted me, but I didn’t want to work a lick.

Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do, I like the Monday Maniac Challenge and it has become a sanctuary for the summertime blues.  I should probably take two weeks off from writing (most of the stuff that I write stinks to high heavens anyway) and go on a vacation.  New York City is not for me and I don’t want to visit the United Nations.  I have no idea who my congressman actually is or what he stands for.  He never helped me with anything and I think he smokes dope.  I no longer wonder what I am going to do, I am in the Monday Maniac Challenge and thankfully it has cured my summertime blues.

Sandi Flip Flops Every day Summertime Blues
4th installment Manic Monday Challenge

14 thoughts on “Summertime Blues the Story

      1. Well anyone who can turn a loosing hand into a winning one.. Is a player.
        Who knows how to play the game.. I tip my hat to you..

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  1. One of the downsides of the free WordPress platform is that ads will sometimes appear at the bottom of your post. It’s happened on mine, which is why I was debating forking over $36 a year to eliminate ads. So far I haven’t done that. But if you do see ads appear anywhere on my posts, know that I don’t make a red cent from them. I suppose any revenue generated goes right into the pockets of those who run this platform.

    Oh, good post.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t think that I have noticed any adds on your posts well at least none of them have interfered with my virus software. A red cent is the cream of all the pennies, since copper coins tend to discolor over time due to oxidation. The more red a penny is, the more desirable it is to the collector, thus that red cent will command a higher price. When I was younger I thought it was a Communist penny.

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  2. I think he smokes dope. – I’m still laughing.

    Oh, and there is one blogger, from the past days of blogging, that I really enjoyed his site…but he turned it into a monetary thing and I kept telling him, there was too much Flashy stuff, and it took my computer forever to open his post to read (and then he required we had to enter our name/email/website each time) – I got to the point where I would not comment. Then I got to the point where I just didn’t have the patience any longer to even read. I told him several times that he might lose readers because there’s too much on his website for post to come up. It takes too long loading / gets stuck.

    And he did a paid announcement post (you have to legally indicate when you make $$ and that your view is favorable toward the service/product) – ssssh – it wasn’t even a good post. I don’t think this that often, but I could have done better. He must have been friends with the merchant.

    I too, have thought of removing the advertisement, as it’s really not that much…if I had a regular paycheck coming in and wasn’t hugely in credit card debt. I’m hoping when we move, we can start paying those down and then $36.00 doesn’t feel like $100.

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      1. Yes, but I’m finding a value to those word limits. Otherwise, people go on for days and days. You should never have 1000 words. No one is going to read all that. (unless they are an extremely talented writer with a great story) – and that would be in a book being sold not on WP. Also, when you are forced to choose your words carefully, I think I sometimes create better sentences!

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      2. If I don’t have $36.00 for wordpress (to get rid of advertisements) … and upgrade my WP account… I’m not buying books either. And no, I like short things on WordPress.

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