It Has Been a Good Month

I actually wrote 80 different posts this month, which is a record for me. I have been off from work all summer and with August coming and me going back to work as a substitute teacher again, I will not have as much time for writing like I do now.  I wrote this post because I was feeling nostalgic, you know that sentimental longing or wistful affection that people feel for their past, those glory days that are associated with happy personal accomplishments. In case you missed any of my posts, or if you are also feeling nostalgic, I listed all of them below here for you.  If you had a favorite, I would love to know which one you liked.

Why Did the Tower Collapse
Beethoven’s Fifth
Is Russian Collusion Just a Delusion
Silly Head
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
Sorry For Being Such a Pest
A Wicked Slice
Deep Throat Shallow Plot
The Old Silk Road
What Are You Afraid Of
Don Quixote is Coining
Flag Police
My Lost Dream
Flag Edicate
For All the Tea In China
Row Your Boat
Passed Inspection 100 Words
One-Liner Wednesday – Priorities
I Have Always Been This Way
Have You Gone Soft in the Head
Family Traditions
The Letter is B
Dark Thoughts Diminished
My Autocorrect Needs Correcting
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Elocution Cartoon
Cool Beans Shakespeare It Is
Pythagorean Harmony
Kicks Challenge
No Fucking Way I Shit You Not
Gordian Knot
Baby Talk
Scrabble Gate
Words Escape Me
Her Top Came Off
Her Nickname Was Lollipop
To Die For
The Game is On
The Parking Lot App
What On Earth
The Letter is A
The Night I Got Lucky
A Forgotten Prophet
Same Song Different Lyrics
Killing in Tumultuous Times
It Takes All Types
Savoring Life
How Weird Are Words
Desperately Seeking Moxie
Colorful Thoughts
He Had the Tattoo
Foot Idioms
A Giant Named Og
The Power of Love
Storming the Bastille
Busy As A Bee
It Is All About The Music
Russians Got Me
Camel Toe
Would this classify as a Haiku
Is Time Irrational
Leg Braces
My Life Or Something Like It
What is That Stuff on My Plate
Give Me a Topic
Dancing for the God of Wine
Dancing Through Life
For My Followers
Dipped in the Inkwell
The World is a Mess
Mandrakes Tethered
What the Pluck
No Need To Dash Off
Going Your Own Way
Trailer For My New Book
Sirens Singing

10 thoughts on “It Has Been a Good Month

  1. Thou shalt not committ adultery was a post I enjoyed very much. I once learned in one of my classes that the phrase “cast eyes upon” or simply “looking at” (with reference to lust) was a euphemism for something more intimate. So when it says that a brother shouldn’t cast eyes upon his sister it really means that they shouldn’t have sex.
    I applied this idea to the scripture you quoted in that post that says a married man who looks at another woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart (or something along those lines), and it adds a new perspective. Definitely something I pondered for a while.
    Anyways I thought your post was really good and thought provoking. 🙂

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  2. That’s such a wonderful way to spend the summer. I wish I had time to write and craft non-stop. Guess I’ve been reading many of your recent posts and I must say I enjoyed each of them! Weaving poetical free verse is all what I get time to do nowadays.

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