Is Russian Collusion Just a Delusion

I found myself at the Waffle House at 6AM this morning, eating home fries smothered with ketchup and I started wondering if things are OK in my life.  Could I simply check the leading economic indicators to find out how I am doing, while maintaining a skeptical awareness about how politicians prefer to spin data in a positive light or manipulate it in such a way that everything appears to be rosy?  I actually hate economics and I do not know that much about the stock market, but I do purchase gas for my car.

I did have a few economic courses and I understand the law of supply and demand in so much as investments are centered around the levels of production, consumer demand.  Drilling more oil usually means that the gas prices will drop and if there is a disruption in this service, than I will have to pay more at the pump.  I checked on Gas Buddy dot com and it appears that the best prices in my neighborhood are around $2.10 a gallon, which is OK with me and I don’t feel like I am being gouged at that price.

I feel that gas prices are a good indicator of economic conditions, due to the fact that they will impact how much people travel, how goods are shipped and how people will need to formulate and adjust their budgets.  When home heating prices climb, people need to make a decision on whether or not they can afford to turn up their thermostats, or if they will climb up into the attic to get those extra blankets.  If goods become more expensive because of increased shipping costs, people have to limit what they decide to buy.  I am not exactly doing back flips over the current gas prices, but as the saying goes things could always be worse.

Does this mean that the Republicans are doing a great job leading our country and that Mr. Trump is making it great again?  Is there an upward trend someplace that shows a promising future, are we in a recession and what about inflation and do I need to consider those people who suffered losses on their investments?  I heard that unemployment numbers are down, but I know how misleading that is as once unemployment benefits are exhausted a person may still be unemployed, but they are no longer a statistic.  Does raising the minimum wage solve anything?  What is the Federal Reserve doing with interest rates?  Is the failure of the Euro hurting us?

Is there going to be more fighting in the White House?  Are we done discussing climate control?  Don’t even get me started on the problems with our education system.  Is everything OK now with the VA and is anyone doing anything about healthcare?  Those damn Russians, what the hell are we going to do about them hacking our elections and creating those email viruses?  That crazy guy Kim Jong-un in North Korea, how many more missiles does he have to launch before we kick his ass?  Clearly I am loaded with questions and I have no answers, so I will ask my waitress for some more coffee while I finish up my home fries.

19 thoughts on “Is Russian Collusion Just a Delusion

      1. Hmm.. Don’t worry.. It’s now up to the Investigating Agencies to decide.. And bring out the truth.. We can only be spectators not speculators..

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      2. It concerns all of us.. The last time American Economy tanked.. Half the world was pushed back 13 years in economic terms.. The banks now don’t have the same purchasing power(thank God for that), there is the phenomenon of High rent Blight, then there is the issue of spending modifications.. And Trump is let me say a volatility.. And could become a liability..

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      3. Well, Obama biggest crime was the bailout. Come on this was nothing but sort of criminal behaviour and who got the boot, apparently no one.. Not to mention the HSBC scandal.. Ahh.. The one thing America had was its law and someone just pissed over it..

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      4. Congress is under the DOJ.. And it can’t direct it.. Hmm.. And Jim I don’t lie.. And you are my pal…I don’t live there either.. Don’t ask me where then? Too much information..

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      5. Nah, you can never upset me. We are pals but I have to stop this stupid persistence because I know it annoys you.. Also the support thread now says the topic has been moved to the main support forum. What the hell does it mean?

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      6. But where to there is no link.. Seriously you should check your email. Perhaps they would have send a link


      7. In order to maintain a system of checks and balances the Federal government is made up of three separate but equal branches; executive, judicial and legislative. Trump is executive, the Supreme court is judicial and Congress and the Senate are legislative. Therefore Congress is not under the Department of Justice.

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