Silly Head

The police chief entered the examination room just as his forensic expert Simon Method was finishing up and he exclaimed. ‘Is that the head that was found in the woods off the country club?’  Simon said, ‘Yes it is, what do you want me to do with it?’  The chief responded, ‘That depends on whether or not you are done collecting all of the available evidence.  What have you determined so far?’  Simon said, ‘Well this head does not have any toes to touch, so I can’t go around saying Simon says touch your toes.  The head was dead when it was found by a golfer who was looking for his ball who whacked this head with the head of his golf club and I assume it was a nine iron or perhaps a wedge.’

The chief said, ‘How long has the head been dead?’  Simon said, ‘There was no sign of bleeding from the golf club impact, so it was dead before it got whacked.  The golfer found it two days ago and it has started to decay and it has become one smelly head, so I am guessing it has been dead at least a week.


198 words exactly Prompt: Sunday Photo Fiction
Photo provided by © A Mixed Bag
[Synthetic Alien Head from the National Space Centre,  Leicester, UK]

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