Sorry For Being Such a Pest

Annoying people seem to know that they get under your skin and these pests will probably start off a conversation with phrases like, ‘Sorry for causing you this inconvenience’, when in reality they are not one bit sorry.  Sales people are probably the biggest pests, always looking after their own agenda and never thinking about how irritating they are.  Children and pets can also be irritating and pesky, especially when they need to get attention.  Political correctness dictates that you are not allowed to rectify the behavior of another person’s child, even when they are disturbing you by fidgeting around, talking too loudly, running like wild animals, or screaming to the point of becoming so annoying that you just want to smack them. Most dogs are show off’s, they love attention, but that persistent dog who demands to be pet every second will wear on anyone’s nerves.  We are the humans and they are the dogs, so attention should be given to them on our terms, not theirs.

People on airplanes can be pests and one day you may find yourself sitting behind that person who reclines their seat all the way back and invades your space.  It boggles the mind to think how these a-holes can be so clueless.  It is always irritating when you meet jerks, but sadly jerks are a part of life and you must decide which battles you want to fight and if you do engage an opponent, then you must carefully chose the hill where you will make your stand.  Remember to take a deep breath and decide if it is more important for you to get the last word in, or if there is another way that allows you to resist the temptation of lashing out at this nasty individual.  There are times when the bullying must stop and you need to stand up for yourself.  If you feel your reputation is being tarnished, or someone says something that puts your career in jeopardy, or when you feel deep down in your soul that you have been wronged, then this is when the time has come for you to speak your truth.

In that Aesop fable, the boy who shouted wolf was a pest.  This shepherd boy got bored and he decided to make up lies, however when you are deemed to be a pest, than no one will come to your rescue.  Peter Falk played a character named Colombo who was a murder investigation detective and he was effective because he was a pest.  The killers were usually condescending, always thinking that he was stupid and it would be easy to outwit him.  He had his way of annoying them just when they thought that they had gotten away with their crime, as he would say things like, ‘Gee, that’s funny, I find that very interesting, but something still puzzles me.  I hope I am not being a pest, but there is just one point that I want to clear up.  Do you mind just answering a few more questions because I am trying to tie some up loose ends.’  That is when the cigar chomping detective wearing that rumpled raincoat had them dead to rights.

22 thoughts on “Sorry For Being Such a Pest

  1. I remember being on a flight working on my laptop when the guy in front of me pushed his seat all the way back with such force that it cracked the screen of my laptop. He was way more of an a-hole than a pest.

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      1. All right in the tutorial.. You said that both the options under comments are checked right? What about the e-mail next to it.. Are those boxes unchecked or checked?

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      2. Hmm.. That’s strange no emails also.. Strange… Uncheck them and check them again.. And save changes.. Maybe it’s a glitch..


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