The Old Silk Road

I have travelled this old road for many years
I was bushwhacked once, but I have no fears
Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor darkness of night
Will prevent me from drudging along in my plight
I have traveled with horses, donkeys and some camels
Even goats and dogs and other pack carrying mammals
I have traversed lofty mountains, wide prairies, and arid deserts
I strayed from the path which caused me to end up in the outskirts
I traded unique handicrafts like silk, jewelry and spices
It was a living for me and I had to know all the prices
I met many different cultures and some Buddhists gave me some answers
I partied with nomads drinking their wine and watching their belly dancers
One day I met a famous Chinese monk
I sat with him on a hill and we got drunk
Silk was the precious secret kept hidden from the West
It was grown on trees, at least that is what I guessed
I brought the Chinese cucumbers, pomegranates and walnuts
It took a long time to make this trip and it took a lot of guts
My caravans were regularly attacked by small Central Asian tribes
To learn where they were hiding, I frequently had to pay out bribes
I met a Venetian merchant traveler who told me that he was named Marco Polo
He said that he was on his way to meet Kublai Khan and that he was feeling low
So many stories, lost days gone by of those ancient times
Tales untold and those poems written without any rhymes

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