Passed Inspection 100 Words

This is another first attempt for me today, to write in something called Friday Fictioneers and I know that it is only Wednesday.  The rules seem simple enough trying to stay under 100 words and Genre is a Historical Fiction from the 1980’s while the photo comes from J Hardy Carroll.

After my inspection of the tile and grouting all being done with superior craftsmanship, I mentally noted that this was not the right hallway for a payphone.  It would have to be relocated and then I would need to come back to do another inspection.

17 thoughts on “Passed Inspection 100 Words

      1. Twittering challenge doesn’t have that. Some challenges do like this one. And Jim.. There is no pingback or tag on your post. Seriously..

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      2. Friday Fictioneer one.. has. This post challenge I mean there will be a frog icon with Inlinkz display. Your entry has already be done by me.. Ok.. Another challenge is the the Flash fiction for aspiring writers. The telephone one..

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      3. See the prompt page that you have linked in this post. And click on it. You will get to the prompt challenge page right. Now just look for a blue box with a frog it will be saying click to view and add your linkz.. Click it and go down and you will see the option of add your link.. Ok..


      1. I enjoy the wordplay – getting rid of unnecessary commentary and replacing it with fewer, more telling words is the challenge that makes my brain work… and I love it! It is hard to have a beginning, middle, and end in under 100 words – but once it’s finished you feel accomplished. 🙂 Happy Wednesday, to you.

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      2. Thank you and I also wish you a happy Wednesday. My story had a beginning and an ending, but it did not have a middle because of this word restriction. I think word restrictions work good for Editors and Publishers, but they are a deterrent to writers. My writing style is built around unnecessary commentary!


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