My Lost Dream

I had a dream that I wrote a poem.
I was sleeping in my bed at my home.
All the verses were clear in my head.
The meaning of life was about to be said.
Life and death would soon be told.
The secrets of the universe could unfold.
Passions were to be revealed.
My lips would not be sealed.
I tried to wake myself up, so I could write it down.
I kept on struggling, I felt like I was about to drown.
Then I lost all of my thoughts and my words were no longer clear.
My mind was blank, the story was gone and it would not reappear.
I woke up crying and worried about the poem that I had just lost.
I felt awful, as I knew what not waking from my dream had cost.

16 thoughts on “My Lost Dream

  1. Another Dr. Seuss-like poem, only much deeper; much more mature. Isn’t it frustrating when you wake up from a great dream and can’t recall most of it within seconds after waking up? I hate when that happens. Unfortunately, its most of the time these days.

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      1. Hey Jim you didn’t tell me. I have amended my mistake. Sorry Pal. All the time I was thinking why am I not seeing your posts?

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    1. Poets are intellectuals who appeal to or engage our minds with their capacity for thinking and spreading knowledge. Having the ability to increase another person’s mental capacity can be viewed as an intellectual dimension of a high or complex order and most poetry relies on allowing the reader to think for this transfer of knowledge to take place.

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