Flag Edicate

When I walked past the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia, I said to myself that is just plain wrong.  It was dark outside and the name of the hotel was lit up, but the American flag was not illuminated the way it should be at night.  It can be displayed from sunrise to sunset on buildings or on a stationary flag staff to show pride in our country.  The patriotic method of  displaying a flag for 24 hours is to make sure that it is illuminated during the hours of darkness.  Our flag should never be dipped to any person like others flags can be.  It can be flown upside down only as a distress signal.  Our flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a anything, or for any type of decoration in general.

Response to Kat’s challenge of Twittering Tales #42

18 thoughts on “Flag Edicate

  1. OK, Great post but you are new so I will tell the rules. You remember twitter 140 character rule. Basically you have to do the same thing.. That is why Twittering Tales..

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    1. Counting my title I had exactly 140 characters. I put this in under the picture, ‘Response to Kat’s challenge of Twittering Tales #42’, which would technically put me over the 140 characters, however I do not consider that to be part of my post. By the way the challenge that you responded to One-Liner Wednesday – Priorities, was supposed to be limited to 100 Words and excluding your title you had 113 words. Please don’t think that I am being critical.

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      1. Every family has that one weirdo relative who just not fit in, I am a babbler, I have always been a babbler and this challenge along with Twitter are just not for me, but I will enjoy reading your posts.

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      2. Jim, your post is more likely 140 WORDS (although I didn’t do an actual count), not 140 CHARACTERS. 140 characters includes total number of letters and spaces, as well as punctuation, like commas and periods. So this was way more than 140 characters. That said, I enjoyed what you wrote.

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      1. The challenge is 140 Characters. But some people have written longer pieces inspired by the photo. I just can’t post the longer bits on the roundup. (For space’s sake). So in answer to your question there is no other word limit for this particular challenge but 140 Characters. There are other flash fiction challenges that have word count limits though. WordPress is a great place to practice writing various forms. 😊

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