I Have Always Been This Way

I have a hard time using that word and sometimes I wish I could be more that way, but I am not a very serious person, because I have always enjoyed been silly.  It is possible that I watched too many episodes of the Three Stooges when I was young, or too many cartoons, but if I have to stick my foot in my mouth or shoot myself in the foot, I usually just go for the laughs.  One day a kid said it would be real funny if you were to jump off this cliff, so I did it and I climbed my way back up with my shirt ripped and I was bleeding from all the broken beer bottles that were tossed off that cliff and when I got to the top, I said I could do it again, but this time I would do it backwards.

I guess this makes me an idiot, but I am actually smiling as I write this.  If I thought that something would be in the least bit funny, then I went for it.  I guess karma got me back, because I now work as a substitute teacher and I was always that annoying kid in class that always raised my hand to say things that other students would laugh at.  A friend of mine who worked on the school yearbook told me that I came in second place on the class clown superlative, but he said that I got his vote.  I had no clue that I was even running for this prestigious honor and again I managed to screw that up, because only the yearbook staff knew who the second place finishers were.

I guess that I could be described as having the Peter Pan syndrome, being a man that refused to grow up.
It would be more accurate to describe me as having Rip Van Winkle syndrome, as I always seemed to miss the wakeup call and thus ended up missing the boat.  I just never enjoyed being serious although I can act this way on the outside, my inner feelings will always be silly, because I constantly strive to break the routine.  I have never suffered from any kind of depression and overall I am satisfied with my life.  I pull my weight, but I am not an overachiever.  I always felt that being serious was boring.  I guess if I cared more about other people’s opinions, than I would be more serious, but I really don’t give a flying, what is that F word, fig or fart or something like that.  Ray Bradbury once said, ‘I’m not a serious person, and I don’t like serious people.’

3 thoughts on “I Have Always Been This Way

    1. This post is the worst crap that I wrote all month and we talk every day and as far as I know the concept of what is real and what is not, this existential subject would be better handled by philosophers like you.

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      1. You know what my dad call philosophers, A pain in the.. You know what.. Thanks for reminding me.. Haha


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