Have You Gone Soft in the Head

I was waiting for the bus when this odd man made that stunning statement, so I shot back, ‘Why would you ask me such a thing, are you a Phrenologist?’  He replied, ‘As a matter of fact, I am, but I was referring to the actuality that you are not carrying an umbrella with you, as the weather report called for an eighty-five percent chance of rain today.’  Yes I had heard the weather report, but I forgot my umbrella again, maybe I am going soft in my head, as I have noticed myself doing a lot of crazy or just plain stupid things lately.

The strange man introduced himself as Dr. Pat Cranium and I told him that my name was Mark Simpleman, but most people just called me dent head.  Dr. Cranium said, ‘That is an odd nickname, may I ask you how you got it?’  I said, ‘Sure as I don’t think that the bus will arrive for a few minutes yet.  When I was born, the doctor that delivered me left his thumbprint in my head and it is still noticeable up to this day.  When my friends learned this story, they used to tease me and eventually the nickname stuck.’

Pat said, ‘That was an interesting story, thanks for sharing it with me.  You surprised me, because most people have never even heard the word phrenologist before and you knew exactly what I did for a living.’  I said, ‘Well with a name like dent head, I was always curious about people who are able to examine the shape and unevenness of a head or skull, and from this they can discover the development of the particular cerebral organs responsible for different intellectual aptitudes and character traits.  I always thought that one day I would have my head examined.’  Just then the rain came pouring down.

9 thoughts on “Have You Gone Soft in the Head

    1. Are you serious? Man I didn’t know about that.. Hey.. I have come with an acronym for our little group JFSS..Nothing but a tradition.. For this little family.. Of ours..

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