Dark Thoughts Diminished

How do I welcome death?  I embrace all 15 of the dark children, Discordia (Strife), Fatum (Doom, Destiny), Fraus (Fraud, Deceit and Deception), Furor (Spirit of mad rage and frenzy), Invidia (Envy, indignation and retribution), Miseria (Pain, distress), the two Keres which includes Achlys (Mist of Death) and Mors (Peaceful Death), Querella (Blame and complaint), Senectus (Old Age), Somnus (Sleep), and the four Somnium which includes Hypnos (Semblance), Phantasos (Dreams of fantasy), Phobetor (Nightmares) and Somnia (Dreams).  Death and all the siblings including Charun the ferryman of Tartarus, Mendacius the god of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, guile, and treachery and Adicia goddess of injustice and wrong-doing.  Is it wrong for me to feel this way?

As I gaze at the waning moon, I am struck with an awareness of this world that makes me want to live more, but I am fully mindful that one day I will die.  Lately I have had this insatiable desire to look beyond the surface of things, seeing people in different ways, obtaining more value out of words, and pondering theories of life, and everything has become more exciting.  I have no need to list my regrets, the girl that got away, the job I did not get, blowing up and losing my temper that time, because of the fact that I got upset over past actions which I cannot change, I will move forward and use these regrets for inspiration.

With sealed lips of lurid blue, my thoughts rush like an ocean’s wave, passing by gloomy tainted sorrows that once seized my sinful soul and all at once I am now filled with love and admiration for this wonderful thing called life.  May my beating heart never perish, as I have transformed myself and left a legacy which I feel holds meaning and purpose.  It is possible that my contributions have not been all that great, but at least I tried.  I chose to embrace death, so I can approach it with more awareness and this gives me a power over it.  The word death no longer terrifies me, now that we have come to a new understanding.

15 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts Diminished

    1. I was all over the place on that one, I was thinking morbid ominous and dark and then I got into this poetic thing of random word groupings and I threw some hope in there so no one called the suicide hotline on me. I think I will have it read at my eulogy, but like you death is hardly ever on my mind, although I figured it would make a nice topic to write about.

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    2. Hey you two stop talking about Death.. Hey Jim You should write these posts more often. This was different from your regular posts.. I love your legacy Jim.. Writing will make you Legendary and Fandango.. I will personally come and Kick you if you ever start thinking about it..

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      1. I should not be allowed to take credit for the parts that you liked as most of those words came from Percy Bysshe Shelley an English Romantic poet who wrote the poem ‘Queen Mab’ and he describes a character named Ianthe and he actually named a daughter Eliza Ianthe.
        How wonderful is death!
        Death and his brother sleep!
        One pale as yonder waning moon
        With lips of lurid blue;
        The other rosy as the morn,
        When throned on ocean’s wave
        It blushes o’er the world—
        Yet both so passing wonderful!
        Hath then that gloomy power,
        Whose reign is in the tainted sepulchres,
        Seized on her sinless soul?
        Must then that peerless form,
        Which love and admiration cannot view
        Without a beating heart—
        That lovely outline, which is fair
        As breathing marble, perish?

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      2. The meanings may be the same, but the words are different.. See it in this way.. A picture is painted.. But it needs to be explained..

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      3. Inspiration is needed to paint the picture and I got that from the Shelley poem. I see so many writers here who have a gift for mixing poetic words together and I faked that part as well as I could. I actually thought that you would get a kick out of Charun the ferryman who worked the river Styx, because you had just written about the Sanzu shores in your post ‘Passing, Fragnance’ which by the way is misspelled, well anyway the Sanzu river also had a ferryman.

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