My Autocorrect Needs Correcting

These four spies were sitting around chewing the fat talking about whether or not Trump would be able to make our country great again and eventually the conversation meandered toward secrets that they each held.  The first spy Covert Worthy mentioned that he was in charge of Area 51 and that he had seen aliens, but he was not allowed to say where it was located and that if the location did slip out, that he would be forced to kill somebody.  The next spy Going Gray said that he knew where Jimmy Hoffa was buried and who had killed him, but he could not disclose this information to anyone.  The third spy Vital Intellect said he was still keeping the secret of who was behind the Kennedy assassination and that he planned to take this secret to his grave.  The fourth spy Skip Resolve said that he knew which spy in this room would be killed next.

The other three spies all took out their guns and aimed them at Skip Resolve.  Skip raised his hands and slowly stood up saying, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’  Covert asked him where this information came from and Skip told him that it came from the big man upstairs.  Covert went on, ‘I received a memo yesterday, but I don’t have it with me anymore, as once I read it I put it in the shredder.’  Going Gray piped in and said, ‘Call him right now and put your phone on speaker so we can all listen in.’  Skip told them all to lower their guns first and then he would comply with their wishes.  Covert dialed his superior Casey List and put his pone on speaker so everyone could listen in.

Skip said hello to his boss and then immediately asked him about this memo concerning the eminent demise of one of the top spies.  Casey said, ‘Oh that was a mistake, that memo should never have been sent out.  It was just part of a training exercise and it was only meant to see which way the smoke would blow.  I hate this new computer system that was just installed, as at times it seems to think that it is smarter than I am.  Sometimes I feel like my autocorrect needs correcting, I hope this memo did not create any problems for you.’  Skip answered, ‘It did cause me a problem but everything is settled now.’ Skip hung up and the other three spies looked at him and said, ‘OK Skip so what is your big secret.’

4 thoughts on “My Autocorrect Needs Correcting

    1. No that was not done intentionally, I did mean to write assassination and I actually never heard of the word assignation, but it does exist and I can see how you may have thought that it was done intentionally as it could probably be a spy thing being, ‘an appointment to meet someone in secret, typically one made by lovers’. Thanks for your help and now that I know that assassination starts out with a double ass, I don’t think that I will make that mistake again.

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