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My friend Al had a band and one my favorite songs that he would play was called Route 66 and I always got a kick out of it.  Here are some of the lyrics:
If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that’s best.
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.

This is a highway song and who doesn’t like a good highway song, but my favorite highway song Highway 61 was written by Bob Dylan.  I needed some songs for the wedding part of my book, so I copied a few lines of his song and then I changed the name to Biblical Highway 61 when I wrote four more verses (Noah, David, Jonah and Moses) to go with his wonderful words.  I thought about changing some of Dylan’s lyrics, so this would not be considered plagiarism, but his words were so perfect, I could not allow myself to tamper with them.  My song is below.

Oh God said to Abraham, ‘Kill me a son’
Abe says, ‘Man, you must be puttin’ me on’
God say, ‘No.’ Abe say, ‘What?’
God say, ‘You can do what you want Abe, but
The next time you see me comin’ you better run’
Well Abe says, ‘Where do you want this killin’ done?’
God says. ‘Out on Highway 61.’

God said to Noah, ‘Here are the plans for a new boat.’
Noah said, ‘God, nothing that big will ever float?’
God says, ‘All the people will drown, but the animals will survive.
You and your family will be the only ones left and you will thrive.’
Noah said, ‘Are You sure You know what You are doing?’
God says, “Just keep busy and don’t start misconstruing.
Now we are really going to have some fun
Get your butt movin’ while you still have the Sun
Build your boat on Highway 61.’

God said to David, ‘Goliath is here, pull out your sling’
David said, ‘I am not violent, how about if I just sing.’
God said, ‘Your son is after you, he wants to cut your throat.’
David said, ‘God if you help me out, I will sacrifice a goat.’
God said, ‘Absalom will be here soon and you are the chosen one.’
David said, ‘Should I hide in a well or do you think I should run.’
God said, ‘You better hide out on Highway 61.’

God said to Jonah, ‘I want you to issue a warning.’
Jonah said, ‘It is late, I will depart in the morning.’
God said, ‘You better get on that ship and set sail.’
Jonah said, ‘I am afraid I might be swallowed by a whale?’
God says, ‘Don’t sass me boy, or I will hide the Sun.
You need to listen, so stick out your thumb.
Send my message out on Highway 61.’

God said to Moses, ‘Pharaoh is coming, it is time to flee.’
Moses said, ‘I am trapped here, you better part the sea.’
God said to Moses, ‘I want you to follow my rule.’
Moses said, ‘I am down with that, everything is cool.’
God said, ‘The promised land is on the horizon.
But you can’t go because we are not done.
Everyone else will leave on Highway 61’.

13 thoughts on “Kicks Challenge

    1. Thanks I appreciate your kind words. Just trying to do my part to save humanity, no actually I think I should get involved in more of the challenges.


      1. A Stellar post.. If there ever was one..? See Sandi helps us all.. And God well he read your post and dance.. And as Sandi says.. Saving the humanity part..

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      2. Hmm.. See I am not a music person. Sandi, Fandango and you are.. But yeah I get that ‘stuck in the head’ analogy..

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      3. I never thought of myself as being a preacher. I guess that I may know more about the Bible than some others, but I do not even attend church. As far as what God’s job is, I guess saving humanity must be part of this, but pretty much I think He is allowed to do His own thing.


    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. I think that writing the wedding songs was the most fun part of the writing in my book. I think I wrote about 15 songs so my characters could have fun at the wedding.

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