To Die For

My friend picked up this hitchhiker and she gave him her number.  He had a girlfriend so he passed her number along to me.  Her name was Jenny Stroke and I called her and explained how I got her number and she said, ‘Pick me up when I get out of work tonight’ and then she gave me the time and directions to her job.  I was given a description of what she looked like by my friend, he said she was hot, a bit vague, but I told her what kind of car I owned, figuring that she could find me in that small parking lot.

I am not actually sure what she did and we never talked about that, but her shift ended at 10 PM, so when I arrived at her work establishment it was late and dark.  She noticed me and came over to my car and she said, ‘I love your music, open the door and let me in.’  I obliged and we were on our way.  She said, ‘This is strange, isn’t it?’  I asked her, ‘What do you mean?’  Jenny said, ‘It feels kind of like a blind date.’  I thought that was an odd comment and I responded, ‘Yea it does, because that is exactly what this is.’  We drove around listening to my tunes for a while and then I asked her, ‘Is there anything that you would like to do or anywhere that you would like to go?’  She smiled at me and then she laughed and said, ‘To the motel silly, aren’t you going to make love with me?’

I started heading for the motel and she asked, ‘Can we stop and get some beer first?’  I couldn’t believe my ears, I had found a unicorn, this ever so rare enchanting creature who wants to have sex, enjoys drinking beer and to top that off she liked my music.  At that moment, I felt that Jenny Stroke was a girl to die for!  Off to the liquor store I went and grabbed two 6 packs.  We reached the motel and she said, ‘You get the key and I will wait out here for you.’  I was OK with that and I rented the room for 4 hours.  I walked back to my car and told Jenny that we were in Room 6 and then I grabbed the beer.  Jenny said, ‘How about we bring along your tape deck, as that will be much more fun than watching TV.’  I realized that Jenny probably had done this before and she grabbed the music as we held hands on our way to Room 6.

We got inside and I thought that the room was kind of sleazy, but my mind was on other things.  It had a mini fridge which I was elated to see and I started stuffing it with the beer after I popped two open for us. Jenny told me to play my tape deck and then she started stripping.  She looked perfect and I told her how pretty she was, and then she said, ‘I need a shower since I have been working all day, come in with me and you can wash my back,’  I had just showered two hours ago, so I was thinking about declining and then it hit me that I might never get a chance like this again.

I downed a beer and when I got to the bathroom she was already under the water.  I jumped in with her and she handed me some shampoo and asked me to wash her hair and then she said I could do her back.  I thought she was a bit demanding, but I had a great view of her ass and that kept me from complaining.  I washed her hair and she handed me the wash cloth to wipe down her back and then like a flash she shut the water off and jumped out reaching for the big towel to dry herself with.  I was much bigger than her, I paid for the beer and the room, so I thought that she probably should have offered me the big towel.

We are both dried off and back in the bedroom and I asked her if she was going to finish her beer and she told me to grab her a fresh one.  I opened up two new ones and she said, ‘Lay on your back, I like to ride on top.’  I had never done that before, but this whole evening was turning into a bunch of firsts for me, as I had never taken a shower with a girl before either and I had never been naked with a girl on a first date before, especially one that I had never even kissed before.  This was the early Seventies and there was no such thing as Aids yet and I never even thought about condoms, as all I wanted was some promiscuous fornication.  I got on my back and she climbed on top and lowered herself down nice and easy on me.  She had a great rack and I grabbed her titties and she let out a moan.

She was riding me harder and faster and the whole time she kept on saying, ‘Be careful, watch out for your heart.’  I know that my breath was going faster, but I never had any chick say anything like that to me before and it broke my concentration.  She said, ‘Why did you stop, are you having a heart attack like my last boyfriend?’  I said, ‘No definitely not!’ and then I remembered that her name was Jenny Stroke.

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  1. A stroke of genius! (Although it sounds like something I might have read back in the days when I read the ribald tales published in Penthouse, which I read, of course, only for the articles.)

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    1. Like it, ‘stroke of genius’. There are an incredible number of people who make that same claim about only reading both Penthouse and Playboy for their articles. I was not sure if titties would be offensive or not, but personally I am all for them and I think that she should have offered me the big towel.


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