Her Nickname Was Lollipop

She was in my Third grade class when we first met and her name was Lois, but nobody ever called her Lois.  I asked her how she came up with that nickname, and she never gave me a direct answer.  Most times she would just start singing that old Shirley Temple song ‘On a Good Ship Lollipop’, which I always thought was kind of cute.  She was super nice to people and she always had a supply of lollipops to hand out to her friends.  I often felt like giving her a good licking because she was so sweet.  She did have a huge, round shaped head, that sat on top of her tall, bony body and along with her accompanying flat chest, and this made me I think that maybe this was why she got the nickname Lollipop.

She had a sweet tooth and she was crazy for candy.  She would ring the bell at my front door every day and ask my parents, ‘Can I walk to school with Jimmy today?’  My parents would always say, ‘Jim are you ready yet, your girlfriend Lois is here.’  Actually my parents did call her Lois and our teacher did also, but none of the kids did.  I really hated when my parents referred to her as being my girlfriend, because I did not see her that way.  I did not like girls and we were just friends in the same class that walked to school together.  I had no desire to hold her hand and I never thought about kissing her, yuk!

As she got older like in Seventh grade, I still watched her eating these lollipops, but when she was dressed in her Catholic school uniform licking them really slowly and suggestively, and smiling as she moved that lollipop in and out of her mouth, this act took on a whole new meaning to me.  I guess that is when I started liking girls.  I did not want to be too obvious with my new found affections that I felt for her, as I knew that some of the boys in my class would say I had cooties, if I were to start holding hands or doing other intimate things with Lois.  Yea it was about this time that I had also started calling her Lois and in case you are not aware of what cooties are, it is an imaginary germ that would be transmitted to anyone who ever kissed a girl.

I did not know anything about the opposite sex yet, beyond this cootie thing and that we had different body parts.  It would become a social disaster for me if my guy friends ever started teasing me about Lois, but we did start holding hands when we were far away enough from the school, where I felt my friends would not see us.  In these days when my parents said your girlfriend is here, it made me smile and I rushed to the door to meet her.  Strange how my feelings about Lois did a complete 180 in a matter of four short years.  We moved away before this relationship ever proceeded any further and every now and then I still think about my first girlfriend.

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