The Parking Lot App

I just got this great idea, I am a writer not a marketer, so go ahead and run with it if you like.  If I ever see it being used and I see no reason why this would not become popular some day, I will tell everyone that I had the idea first.  The GPS device is here to stay and besides the stand alone devices like the Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan, people also use GPS to navigate from their smart phones.  I thought that since these devices are able to locate your car, that they should also be able to locate other cars.

How great would it be, if after you pull into a parking lot that your GPS can point out all the empty parking spaces for you?  Think about all the time this might save you from going down that aisle where there are no empty spaces and instead allowing you to pick a choice spot.  This application might also activate a camera in your vehicle that keeps track of parking lot activity near your spot, which would be handy in case someone smashes a carriage into you, or scrapes your bumper or worse and then takes off.

78 thoughts on “The Parking Lot App

      1. No your idea is different if I understand correctly you want your GPS to correlate and tell you the parking space not through an app but directly. It can be done but I think only on a 5G level.

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  1. Ooooh! Sounds great, I like it! As a career passenger, this would be helpful for me as well. I no longer want to be the spot look-out. For some reason, the driver, in my experiences, always get so snippy when you tell them about a spot too late. I mean, you tell me to look, so I look. I can’t help it if I see it just as you are passing it. Sometimes the spot is a bit obscured by larger vehicles and besides, I’m not familiar with your driving mind; how am I supposed to know your specific parking preference as per each destination? Sorry, I’ve digressed. Great post.

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    1. Love your comment! I understand what you are saying, those drivers with their mirrors and their blinkers it seems that all they ever are able to do is complain. The career passenger that person who usually rides shotgun knows that this exalted position comes with some extra responsibilities which includes telling the driver which way to go every now and then. Who needs that snippy attitude of someone blaming you for missing a spot as it is not like you are actually doing the driving and anyway you can always find another driver to cart you around.


  2. but then everyone would be racing for that same spot, and end up crashing or with “road” rage or in this case “parking” rage – saying you stole my spot! We kind of already have that happening in parking structures in Orange county.

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    1. I never said that I had all the details worked out, I am just the idea man so don’t shoot the messenger. I have seen some pretty crazy stuff go on in parking lots and I am not sure if this device would make it better or worse and perhaps this application could feature some type of coin flip in these instances, which would decide who gets the spot and who has to move on. Is Orange County in CA or FL?

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      1. Don’t know about that coin flip option. Hopefully, the app will do the flip and not leave it up to the drivers. I see a chalk outline and hear Miranda Rights happening.

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      1. Programming makes it happen, it is all in the code. I have never designed a phone app yet, but I have programmed many complicated machines and processes. Most people have no clue of what is going on behind the curtain.

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      2. Yes, but they would still be racing in the parking structure to the same spot to fill it simultaneously. One will get it, the other one – and could possibly be a crash trying to occupy spot first

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      3. Parking lot accidents occur in parking lots every day, my car got dented a few weeks back when I was in Wal-Mart. The lady was nice enough to leave a note on my windshield.


    1. Sight or otherwise called Journey helped me with so many issues, I am still new at this whole blogging thing. I am a writer and I love it here because I am challenged every day. I joined here to get some publicity for my new book.

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      1. I’ll have your gold medal ready for you tomorrow. Cut me some potato, Jim! I might have been on here past my bedtime like I am now, so I’ve got exhaustion as my excuse.

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      2. What?!!! Too vulgar? I don’t understand that language. Have you not read my earlier posts? My blog used to be called “Oh,Shit! What Now?!” I have a fiend who days, “I shite you not!” Do my ears are numb to the sting.

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