Savoring Life

Savor the flavor, savor the moments, savor the victory are all sayings that I have heard many times and it is good for people to take time out and reflect on the good things in life.  Life will always have its ups and downs, so when you reach the top and you are standing on a pinnacle, then take a deep breath and savor your accomplishment.  Knowing how to deal with the good moments in your life is just as important as being able to handle the bad ones, so cherish the moments and feel the joy.  Tell all of your friends what you have achieved, don’t just post it on facebook, jump up and down, and shout at the top of your lungs.

For most people life is not always a bed of roses, they have to work and pay taxes and deal with all the other idiotic people out there and there are many unsavory characters whose sole mission in life seems to be causing others misery.  Forget the pain and relish all the good times that life has to offer.  Take pleasure in your victories, appreciate your friends and enjoy your life.  Take out that picture album and look at all of your family photographs or go out for a walk and get in touch with your senses.  You must know how to count your blessings as things can always get worse.  Try to surround yourself with positive things and always avoid negative thinking and negative people.  Life is short, so seize the day!

Some people have the ability to savor their lives and others go around all the time being depressed.  The person who is able to sustain positive emotions is blessed over those whose lives are filled with anxiety and depression, as I think that the real secret of happiness is just being happy.  There are so many second guessers out there who are always wondering whether or not they should have handled a certain situation differently and I guess this makes great business for the therapists, but these people who are stuck in their past will never be happy.  Let go of your past, live in the present and plan for your future and don’t forget to savor all the happy moments.

7 thoughts on “Savoring Life

  1. Guess Savoring comes from confidence.. I heard about it.. Yet to find it.. I will ask Fandango.. If he has found it.. We were looking for it together.. Great post..

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    1. Thanks for your compliment. I am not sure if savoring actually is derived from confidence, but it is closely related, as well as other feelings such as optimism, gratitude, hope, compassion, purpose and empathy. I am curious how Fandango feels about this also and I know how much he enjoys being mentioned in other posts.


  2. Savor this post. It’s a goodie with a very positive and uplifting tone.

    By the way, my response to today’s daily prompt, “savor,” was inspired by a recent post of yours in which you discussed homophones. Thanks for the inspiration.

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