It Takes All Types

People are who they are, there will always be that yes-man, the guy who follows his boss around and agrees with everything that he says, this person is also known as the brown-noser, because if his boss ever stops short then this suck up, will end up having his nose buried in the anus of his boss.  This flunky, lackey, stooge is a bootlicker, who is always obedient, he must be excessively attentive groveling and cringing in order to get by.  This pitiful bootlicker is a mindless sycophant, he is a wannabe and he will never amount to anything.

I cannot imagine going through life where it was my job to lick someone’s boots, but some people do this willingly.  I understand that most people are followers and if they see a line forming, they get on it, not even knowing or perhaps not even caring where it will lead.  They are known as sheep and they should all end up being devoured by the wolves.  These people are just plain stupid and they unwittingly agree to follow everyone else, instead of making their own decisions.  However, as bad as these sheep are, they are still miles above the bootlickers, who rank at the bottom of the food chain.

Do they have resumes stating how many boots they have licked in the past?  Do they stick out their tongues when they go on a job interview to boast about their abilities?  Being so insecure about themselves, do they even go out on job interviews?  Is this skill passed down from father to son?  I have always seen one of these bootlickers in every place that I have worked in and I guess it is just part of office politics.  You cannot avoid these people, they have no dignity and they are universally despised.  I wonder if they see themselves in a positive light because of their dedication and devotion to those who are in charge?

These bootlickers are always the tattletales and the backstabbers who will do anything that it takes to get ahead.  It is not like you would ever have to say, ‘I reckon that you are the bootlicker here’, because once you become a bootlicker, everyone knows it.  We don’t have to pull the curtain back to unmask them, as we know exactly who these bootlickers are.  No one just wakes and makes the rash decision that this will be what they want out of life saying, ‘I think I will become a bootlicker today.’

How can anyone have such a low opinion of themselves, that they would want to lick somebody’s boots?  Do you think that maybe they just enjoy the taste of dirt and leather being mixed together?  I am sure that this started out with subjects serving the royalty and actually our country was born because we were tired of licking King George’s boots.  I am sure that Donald Trump being the powerful person that he is, has his fair share of bootlickers.  Kowtowing is still a Chinese custom and I consider having to get down on my knees to anyone to be un-American act.  I will never do this, because I do not consider myself to be inferior to anyone.  I guess there are probably those people out there that have a fetish for licking boots, because it takes all types of people to make up the world we live in.

8 thoughts on “It Takes All Types

  1. Bootlickers—bottom of the food chain.. Hmm..summarise the whole post.. Finally a post to crush their spirit.. If they have one..


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