Desperately Seeking Moxie

I am starting off with a blank canvas here today on this word ‘Moxie’, and I hope that if I stick with this, that it will turn into something.  I look at writing as being some kind of endless grid, where I start off fresh with a blank page and I have the freedom to organize my thoughts any way that I chose choose.  I have a tendency to wander off the topic, but mind-wandering can actually be an asset for a writer, however this quality is also prevalent in many mental patients.  I enjoy writing about issues and then I consider my job to be done.  It is not like I quit because I don’t have the moxie to do anything about these issues, it is just that I view the actual doing of things to be a job for someone else.

My moxie is revealed in my sarcasm and I have always been that guy who people would say, ‘Did he really just say that’?  Sarcasm has to be balanced, as people can only take so much of it before you become hated.  I feel that a give-and-take relationship with sarcastic comments will boost creativity.  I am not interested in poking fun at anybody, so if I make a snide remark every now and then, please understand that this is the way I express my sense of humor.  No one in this world has the exact same life experiences that I have and it is possible that I am a bit more quirky than others, but I never try to be spiteful or hurt anyone in any way.

Writing is so much more than just the number of words that are written.  I am aware that many accountants and bureaucrats will spend their whole lives making a concerted effort to place excessive emphasis on controlling expenditures and budgets, but that is not my way, as I can never be a bean counter. I usually write posts that contain several paragraphs and when I am able to do this after starting off with a blank slate, that is all the satisfaction that I will ever need.  I strive to write things that are eye-catching and that have real meaning, but there are those days when I also enjoy writing meaningless drivel in an attempt to make people laugh.  Most of my poems are silly nonsense, but I have fun writing them.  Did you know that the meaning of the word ‘trumpery’ stands for some kind of deception, or trickery, or showy nonsense and I hope this does not insult our president.

How absurd would it be for a writer to use a word that does not add meaning to their topic and they just incorporate it to increase their word count.  Sometimes I feel like I am doing this, although not for that reason, but more of a way to have my fingers doing something, as they are hovering over my keyboard.  I guess my writing style would be best described as being unconventional, as I write what I want and this is usually just for my own pleasure, but I secretly hope that others derive satisfaction from reading my words.  As the proverb states, ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop or plaything’, but my words of wisdom for today are that, ‘diligent fingers are necessary for creating something that is worth reading!’

12 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Moxie

  1. It’s funny that I have no sense of sarcasm at all and I tend to take things literally. Your sarcasm would slide off of my psyche like butter on teflon. You would probably be more frustrated by my responses than me being offended by your comments. lol

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    1. I have always used sarcasm to convey my feelings and I have never had a hard time distinguishing when something should be taken as a joke. I guess on the whole life is just funny to me and it must be horrible not knowing how to decipher certain things. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and although sarcasm may fly over your head, you sure have that simile thing down, ‘like butter on Teflon’.

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  2. My son would be as you. He can be incredibly sarcastic and if the topic warrants it, cut to the bone. Especially when it comes to stupidity or those expressing comments on a subject they know nothing about. I am rarely sarcastic, although I have been known to throw a zinger in there once in awhile, but I really enjoy other’s sarcasm. About writing – whether it’s poetry verse thoughts or exerpts of your next novel, it should be written with you in mind because it flows then, and makes a statement. What’s the point in constantly reading drivel? Although I am often guilty of writing drivel ie cartoons or humour (sandwich) being one example. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will do so again 🙂

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