22 thoughts on “Colorful Thoughts

    1. If a human brain was kept alive in a jar and the brain could not receive outside stimulus then it would be in a constant state of sleep or dream. The brain would be self-aware for transient periods but due to lack of any real-world problem solving the frontal lobes would atrophy and the ability to retain concepts like durability of self, spatial constraints, or time passing would fade. The boundaries of reality would fade and you would sleep and have dreams that you never wake up from.

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      1. Thank you for the good insight🙂You are absolutely right. However as an after thought my quirky brain seems to like this idea of this dreamy stupor, very much!!

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      2. Thanks for your perceptive comments. I guess being in a dreamy stupor would take all of your troubles away and getting a break from not having to use your brain every minute could also be a welcomed relief.

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    1. I read a post from BadDadCartoon101 who said how easy it was to make a cartoon. I saw those colorful thought balloons someplace and then I got the idea about brains having a conversation using them. It might all stem back from that Steve Martin movie, ‘The Man With Two Brains’, as that movie always made me laugh.

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      1. I am…you already wrote 3 books.. I started writing a month ago.. You are a pro.. I am a novice.. See You (a human top of the chain).. Me a monkey(bottom).. On evolution of writers chart..

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      2. Yes three unpublished books and I am not a pro, because pro means that you are getting paid. Everyone starts off as a novice and I see your talent even if you don’t. That stuff that you just wrote – human top – monkey bottom is real funny and I think you are a great writer.

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    1. That is what SIGHT calls me, well actually he says that I am an Academician. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to make a comment. I made a comment on your post today about those people who do not bother to read and just click LIKE. I really enjoyed that post so I had to hit the button.

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