A Giant Named Og

This is one of the stories from my book, the ‘Ancient Book of Eli’, and it is quite involved as this giant lives a long time and he does many historic things.  I am picking this story up in the middle, so I need to set the background for this to make better sense.  Og was a nephew of Noah and after surviving the flood riding on top of the ark, he got a job working on the tower of Babel.  After it collapsed, he met Abraham who helped him with his toothache.  When Abraham went to rescue his nephew Lot, Og made a move on his wife Sara, which Abe found out about and then he told Og to leave.  OK background set and story starts here.

Og moved to the city of Golan in Bashan, where he got a job constructing dolmens, which is a type of stone monument used for tombs.  Og made good money as he built hundreds of these structures that the people of this region used as burial chambers for the chief of a clan, or some other nomadic elite tribe member.  These dolmens were constructed of two large vertical stone slabs, or sometimes three, and they were capped by a horizontal stone, and some of these stones weighed up to 30 tons.

Og was now 400 years old and he had grown to 15 feet tall.   Og made himself a flute and he practiced playing it all the time.  Og became very accomplished at the flute and whenever he played it, the people that heard him felt this rhythm which took them over and enticed them to dance.  The clothes that Mrs. Noah made for Og had finally worn out, down to the last strip of cloth that was tied around him, so Og went out looking for a tailor.

Og went into Golan where he saw a sign that said tailor shop, so he went inside, however he had to duck his head to fit through the door.  The tailor was named Achish and Og told him that he would need three sets of clothes done right away for him.  Og took out his pouch and gave the tailor 40 gold coins.  Og said that he needed a fine suit of clothes made from linen, that he would be able to wear to an important occasion and two sets of animal skins that he could wear for work.  Og said that he would come back next week to pick up the first set of work clothes and then he would come back each successive week to pick up the rest of his new clothes.  Achish laughed at him and said, ‘You are too big, it will take much longer for me to make your new clothes.’  Og picked up his flute and started playing an enchanting song, which made the tailor dance and Og kept on playing his flute for a whole hour.  Og put down his flute and told Achish that unless he wanted to keep doing the happy dance, that he would have to agree that the first set of work clothes would be ready at the end of next week.’  Og asked Achish who the beautiful girl was in the back of his shop and the tailor told the giant that she was his daughter Azubah.

Azubah was six feet tall and she towered over the rest of the women and all of the men in this land.  It was love at first sight for Og, as he instantly knew that they were meant to be together forever.  Og came back to pick up his first set of clothes and Achish was not there, and Og’s luck would have it as his daughter Azubah was running the shop that day.  Og went behind the curtain and he complained that there was not enough room in the fitting area for him to try on his new clothes.  Azubah told Og that he could go into her bedroom to try on his new clothes, as there he would have more room.  Og followed Azubah to her bedroom where she instructed him to take off the tattered clothes that he was wearing.  Og told Azubah that he was bashful, as he had never been naked in front of a woman before.  Azubah assured Og that she was a professional and that she had seen many men naked in her life time.  Og told Azubah that he was smitten with her, and he has been dizzy with expectation and high on love, ever since last week, which was the first time that he saw her, so he asked if she would let him kiss her.  Azubah said it would be OK, but not till he had put his clothes back on.

Og got dressed and the new clothes fit him real well and he told Azubah that her father did a good job.  Og leaned towards Azubah and he kissed her on her cheek and she smiled.  Azubah told Og that she thought he would make a strong, virile mate for some lucky girl.  Og told Azubah that he hoped she will be the lucky girl for him.  Azubah said that she could give Og all that he needs to be happy, but only if they have some common ground, such as sharing religious and social values.  Azubah said that she would only marry a man who fully appreciated her and who was willing to grow old together with her, so they could spend the rest of their lives being together.  Og told Azubah that he would become whatever religion she was and that his uncle had taught him what was right and what was wrong, so they probably already had the same social values.  Og told Azubah that he was not able to take his eyes off of her and that he wanted her to be the mother of his children.  Og told Azubah that being with her forever would not be long enough for him and he would promise to always be at her side.

Azubah said that she would deliver the clothes to Og at his house next week, but she wanted him to take a bath and use soap before she came there.  They grew very close and eventually they got married.  Og told Azubah that he was afraid to impregnate her, as his mother died giving birth to him, because he was such a big baby.  Azubah said that she could never be truly satisfied as a woman unless she was able to have a baby, so she was willing to take any risk involved in childbirth.  Azubah said that she was aware of a procedure that might be able to be performed, in the case where a woman was bearing a giant baby and this might save her life.   She told Og that this was only a measure of last resort, but if she was unable to deliver her baby because it got too big, that he could cut her stomach open and pull the baby out before she burst.  It took a while but eventually Azubah became pregnant and they had a son who they named Goliath.

If you want to know more about Og, then you will have to read my book, but first I will have to get it published.

17 thoughts on “A Giant Named Og

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment. It is like a fable, but actually there are giants in the Bible. I took some biblical stories and I embellished them, and I may go to hell for doing that, but I felt that they made great stories. Og is actually a character mentioned in Deuteronomy 3:11 and it says that, ‘Og king of Bashan was the last of the Rephaites. His bed was decorated with iron and was more than nine cubits long and four cubits wide. It is still in Rabbah of the Ammonites.’ He is one of the more interesting characters in my book and he makes up the second longest story starting out with Noah and having adventures up until the time when he meets Moses.

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      1. Are they seriously meant to be believed, as in they actually happened as told in the Bible? Or are they intended to teach and to be moral lessons for us to learn, embrace, and practice?

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      2. I can see both points, each side of this coin, only because I know how much religion was forced on people in the past. If they did not believe, than they did not belong and just about everyone wants to belong. There were very strict penalties for those with opposing views.

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      3. I agree, but I still can’t fathom how anyone could actually believe that the Bible is an accurate retelling of historical events. But whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

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