The Power of Love

Cupid is a chubby Roman god who looks like a little child with angelic wings and he often appears naked. Cupid is armed with a bow and arrow, which he aims at your heart and if one of Cupid’s arrows strikes you, then you will fall in love.  Like any other weapon, Cupid’s arrows need to be kept sharp, otherwise they would be useless for piercing a person’s heart and he would not be able to inject love into his victims. These special arrows are not meant to kill anyone, however some people have died from broken hearts.

This cuddly guy with his feathered wings always keeps his quiver filled with arrows, because he never knows when he might want to select someone to fall in love.  His bow is also kept handy in case he comes across a defenseless soul, who needs to see the world in a new light, and find their significant other who would then end up becoming their perfect partner.

Does Cupid select his targets, or does he just shoot them haphazardly anyplace, not caring who they strike being only concerned with carrying out frivolous pranks that cause havoc and mayhem?  Are his arrows tipped with fire, a burning fire made out of ardent passion, containing flames that crackle and spark with hot love?  I have heard that Cupid’s bow is made of gold, and that his love-poisoned arrows are made of silver, but there are no stories about who made his love weapons.  I guess this is my cue to make up a story.

Cupid is thought to be the son of the love goddess Venus and the god of war Mars.  This is an interesting mix being the offspring of love and war.  Mars wore a helmet and he carried a shield and a spear.  Mars was related to Venus as she was his great Aunt and also his sister-in-law being married to his brother Vulcan.  There is a story about Venus thinking that her lover was becoming less attentive, so she asked Cupid to shoot him with his love arrows.  Venus got angry with Cupid when he ceased his arrow assault on Mars, and it is thought that Cupid refused to shoot his father, for fear that Mars would beat him.  Venus went into a rage, and she broke Cupid’s bow and all of his arrows.  From this story it is clear to me that Mars was not the one who made Cupid’s bow and arrows and I don’t think that it was Venus either.

Venus had another son named Aeneas and Venus gave Aeneas this divine armor which would stop arrows and spears, and she had her husband Vulcan make this armor.  As odd as the combination of the goddess of love being with the god of war seems, it is even more strange for Venus who was also the goddess of beauty to be paired up with Vulcan, as his own mother Juno thought that he was so ugly, that she threw him off Mount Olympus.  I know that Vulcan was renowned for crafting things, but I don’t think that he would have made anything for an illegitimate child of his cheating wife.

So who is left as most of the gods and goddesses were actually very lazy and Venus was only good at making love?  There are these three creatures which were individually called Cyclopes, because they all had only one enormous eye in the middle of their foreheads.  They truly had a face that only a mother could love, but apparently their father did not love them and he had them all imprisoned in Tartarus which is a place of punishment in the underworld along with the Hundred-Handed Giants.  Jupiter rescued the Cyclopes along with the hundred handed giants in order to defeat the Titians.  The Cyclopes fashioned new weapons for the Olympians, which helped them to win the war.  My best guess is that these Cyclopes are the ones who designed and built Cupid’s bow and arrows.  Aren’t you glad that we got this worked out?

14 thoughts on “The Power of Love

    1. I am happy that I was able to clear that up for both of us and it is so nice knowing that there is someone out there who appreciates my words of wisdom. I look at my job here as being the one who has to delve into these matters, so we can all get a good night’s rest. I feel like we made some real progress here today on so many important issues. If I could just get a few more people who have a sarcastic attitude to stop by and leave a witty reply, then my life would be complete.

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      1. I hope you don’t think I was being sarcastic in my praise for your post. Back in the day, I was fascinated by the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and your commentary about Cupid, Venus, Mars, et. al. was interesting to me.

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      2. I know that most of the stuff that I write is just meaningless drivel, even when it appears that I did research the topic and I love sarcasm. I guess I did think that a little bit when you said that you would, ‘carry this new knowledge with me for the rest of my natural life’, and I am OK with that, in fact I am honored that you would even take the time out to make a comment. Thanks for your sincere praise and I will try to be less sarcastic in my responses.


    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment, I am glad you stopped by and happy that you enjoyed it. I guess I have always had a drifting imagination and my Dad was a great story teller, so maybe I got that from him.

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  1. Hmm..there are several accounts of God of love in ancient religions.. Somehow people even now fail to understand why they are so helpless.. Against heart..

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      1. I think a few weeks back the scientist proved the Great Aryan immigration theory.. For the Indian sub-continent.. Thus proving by default of a general migration of people from Central Asian heartlands.. The trick was to read the genome from father side..

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      2. Its basic biology.. Nothing fancy.. Basically when a child is born he has his DNA from both set of parent right.. There matrilineal DNA the X one the patrilineal one, Y one simple..

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      3. I realize that DNA was discovered in the same year that I was born, so it is basically as old as dirt, but I never really studied that stuff. I know bits and pieces, but I do not feel qualified to hold an intelligent discussion with anyone on this topic. Sure it is discussed on many crime shows, but when they get into intricate details, that is where I sort of tune out.

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