It Is All About The Music

The new trend involves throwing parties in July that capture the Christmas celebration, this theme brings a Christmas atmosphere with warmer temperatures, but being the cynic that I am, I view this as being nothing more than a sales gimmick.  Sure you can see Santa Claus and gifts and it is not the lack of snow that makes this so phony, it is the fact that I am not in the mood for celebrating Christmas in July.  What does it take to put you in the mood and really get that Christmas spirit?

Is it watching those sappy movies where Clarence hears the bell ringing, or seeing Ebenezer having a turkey delivered to the Cratchit house, so Tiny Tim won’t go hungry what gets you in the spirit?  That is not what works for me.  I need the music, I need the Jingle Bells and the Rudolf, so what I am saying is that in order for me to have myself a merry little Christmas, and really enjoy this holiday, I need someone singing about those faithful friends who were dear to us. I love the tree, the lights, decorations, presents and all of those cookies and who doesn’t, but they don’t put me in the mood to sing.

My dancing is atrocious and my singing is almost as bad, but when I hear about a star, a star shining in the night, I am immediately filled with joy and although I know I am way off key, I do sing along.  Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy, do you see what I see?  Yea, I am always way off key on those notes, but I am smiling, in fact grinning from ear to ear.  My voice is bound to crack when I get to that part, ‘with a tail as big as a kite’, but I am OK with that, even if others aren’t.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?  What does it take to put you in the mood?  What is your favorite movie or song or cookie?

3 thoughts on “It Is All About The Music

  1. I guess I would say bah humbug to Christmas in July…or in December for that matter. I am not a fan of Christmas music, especially since you start to hear it on the radio, in stores, malls, and restaurants starting around Halloween. Sometimes even earlier. By the time Fecember 25th arrives, I want to barf every time I hear a Christmas song.

    Christmas cookies, on the other hand, are welcome year round. 😋

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    1. I have heard that early start of the Christmas shopping season referred to as Christmas creep which is another sales gimmick. Yep as soon as the Halloween decorations are taken down, the Christmas merchandising begins and retailers start exploiting Christmas. Some of the songs when over played will get on my nerves, but most of them I think are wonderful. Cookies always good.

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