Russians Got Me

Them damn hackers always looking for the easy way, too lazy to actually get a job and do some real work.  I got hit with that Trojan ransom virus, I guess I was doing research and somehow accidently ended up on a porn site, at least that is the story that I am going with.  All of my MS Office files and all of my pictures were infected with a malicious encryption making them useless to me.  I got a message on my screen that asked me to pay a nominal amount, if I remember correctly it was about $300 in Bitcoins in order for them to restore my infected files.  Those f-in bastards even had the nerve to send me another message stating that I only had two hours left before they would raise the ransom.

I was not in the habit of backing up in those days and I do not give money to terrorists, so I lost everything.  I read on the internet and of course most things that you read there are true, that even if you do pay these hackers that they probably will not restore your files.  So how can we stop these mothers, as they are just getting worse day after day?  In case you did not know the Bitcoin is an innovative payment network which is sort of a new kind of money.  The Bitcoin is suppose to be more secure than PayPal, and isn’t that great that the ill-gotten money will be secure in the hands of the terrorists.  Most legitimate people use PayPal, but Bitcoin seems to be a little bit less traceable.

I am mad about the Russian Hackers and if someone were to hack Bitcoin and take the money away from these bad guys, I would definitely break out into some sort of dance, probably something like that one that Bruce Willis does in ‘The Last Boy Scout’.  It would have to be something real simple, because my body is not conducive for dancing.  I am not a hacker, but I would think that our CIA should be doing more to help us catch and punish these a-holes.  It seems that the CIA, NSA and the FBI are all aware of what is going on, but with our new president DT, any information on what is being done, seems to be held back from us.  Sorry for the rant, but I actually feel much better now after writing this.

4 thoughts on “Russians Got Me

  1. If you write a lot, do it (backup) daily. And consider this: the May debacle with ransomware was created from US security codes. A PERSON stole information and gave it to others. Can’t blame a country, or a community, if the problem comes from within (the greed mentality).
    Something learned from experience – if it’s important, back it up. If it’s alive, protect it. If someone ‘abducts’ it and it doesn’t matter, let it go (but next time, do one of the above – every day). Having lived through three events where everything was lost (yes, everything; bushfires leave nothing recognisable, let alone retrievable), I’ve learned the hard way.
    If you can’t live without it, replace it, or re-do it then you need to find a way to protect it, back it up, vault it.

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful advice. Most of my writing is meaningless dribble, which I do for my own enjoyment. However I have written three very long books and I have them backed up on a thumb drive. I am part Russian and although I am not ashamed of my heritage, I am ashamed of those hackers that are taking from everyone and not giving back to others. I consider them to be sub-humans! I realize that the whole country is not responsible, but the Russian government does not seem to take any responsibility for these acts of terrorism. I realize that grouping all Russians together is unfair, but Putin is a terrorist and if the Russian people don’t stand up against him, then they all deserve criticism.


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