8 thoughts on “Would this classify as a Haiku

    1. I guess I have and I know that I did not respond to that one you wrote about purists remaining determined to uphold this tradition, basically because you said it all there and there was nothing for me to add. I am pretty sure that I hit the like button on that one though. I hope you are OK with the post that I made today titled WordPress where I talked about you saying, ‘I made some friends here like Fandango and Sight’. I used your name second because not much rhymes with Fandango.

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      1. No i commented on that post.. But it disappeared poof.. Akismet again marked my comments as Spam (you can check your spam folder I am telling you the truth and if you do mark them as not a spam).. This is verse.. Not a Haiku but you are inching closer and closer.. Remember Moment and minimalistic words to describe them accurately..

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      2. Yes, now you are getting the hang of it.. So try another one.. Remember.. Keep it minimalistic and you will see words dancing inside your head..


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