The Daily Post, right after my morning toast
I wonder who will respond today
Will there be a post from Hemingway
I read the posts coming from both coasts
Some make boasts, some write about ghosts
Most of the writers are really good hosts
Everyone comes here to blog
Although I have never seen a frog
Or a person from Prague
People from LA and the UK seem to write about smog
And you always get someone that writes about their dog
What does it take for person to become a writer
You have to be willing to pull that overnighter
I made some friends here like Fandango and Sight
When I read their posts, I am filled with delight
Every day I enjoy participating in the Daily Post competition
There is no prize, but it makes me feel like I am on a mission
I often get inspired especially when I read poetry that rhymes
People share their feelings and stories about their life times
I wonder who makes up these daily words
Some of the topics seem to be for the birds
The thing that I really like is making comments
For some odd reason, I like to add my two cents
I basically write for my own enjoyment
Right now I don’t have any employment
Along the way, I have picked up several people that now follow me
This encourages me to write more, which works good for a retiree
Will there be a post about some Harmless Buffoon
Will someone write all about their honeymoon
Will we get to read about another one of Piper’s adventures
Maybe someone will write all about their brand new dentures
That is all I have for today and I hope you enjoyed reading
I am glad you stopped by and I hope my title was not misleading

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