Give Me a Topic

If I had something to write about, then I could rule the world.  Should I write about Madonna and her desire to rule the world?  I actually only want to blend in and I have no desire to rule, but writing make me feel powerful.  I am basically a nobody and there are so many people in this world that have more experience, more knowledge and they carry more authority than I do, but my writing allows me to connect with people across the globe and it may even transcend time itself.  Although as a person, I want to blend in with others, I want my writing to stand out above that which is done by others.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I do have some writing experience and I feel that I am versatile enough to tackle any topic within reason, if I am given enough time to do the proper research.  Can my words be used to articulately communicate feelings of passion, or power and will they have an impact on my readers?  Will my poetry ever inspire someone to smile, or cry, or will everyone just perceive it as being the nonsensical ramblings of a madman?  I worry if my writing contains too much information (TMI), and if I am losing my reader’s attention long before they reach the end of my posts.

I consider myself to be a storyteller and finding that good story to tell or that interesting topic to write about is all the motivation that I need.  Of course, I go through periods of writer’s block, like everyone else, but I always seem to be able to snap out of this.  I am a dreamer and I wish that the dreams that I had yesterday could be told today in hopes of shaping the future.  I will probably never say anything so profound that it will be recorded in history books and I am OK with that, but I do enjoy pushing the envelope and I have my own style, personality and sense of humor and I take pride in being an original.

What is this envelope, how far does it need to be pushed, why am I intent on pushing it and where will result of this pushing lead to?  Back to Journalism 101 and those questions of who, what, why, where, when and how, those questions that everyone wants answers to.  To me the envelope is a boundary in your brain, something of the mental nature, not physical so don’t think of a boundary as being lines on a map.  Mental boundaries would be made up of psychological and spiritual thoughts that involve beliefs, emotions and issues like self-esteem.

Concerning how far this envelope needs to be pushed, that is hard to say.  You may want to push it till it breaks, or just bend it slightly, and this action would depend on how badly you want to change something.  I don’t push it because I want to break the rules, or simply because it is there, as my purpose in pushing the envelope is to expand my mind and hopefully approach the limits of what is possible, while showing enough restraint to still be considered in the realms of what is acceptable.  I am pushing the envelope right now as I am writing this post and I hope it will lead to some LIKES.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

12 thoughts on “Give Me a Topic

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. Sometimes I don’t care if people like what I write or not, because once I post it, then it is out of my control. If it is LIKED, that is great and if it is criticized I am also OK with that. I write with the intention that people will read my stuff, but if nobody ever reads anything, I would still write. I think that a real writer writes for themselves and for that inner satisfaction that lets them know that they accomplished something whether it was significant or not.

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      1. I agree with you and I want the positive reinforcement from people that like my writing, after all how much effort does it take to click a LIKE button, but I can survive without it, because I like my own writing and my own opinion matters to me. However I think it would be totally vain if I clicked the LIKE button on my own post.

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  1. Don’t fall for the like gimmick.. By the way did you heard.. I couldn’t like or post anywhere. I commented on your page.. Puff disappeared.. It is now sorted out.. Or so i think…. But why do you care about what others think.. You yourself said you are a better writer..

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    1. I am aware that you had some posting problems, I read some comments about it on either Sandi (flip flop) or Fandango (This That and the Other Thing) page. I am glad it is fixed because I missed you yesterday. Now just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can say, I’m back’!

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      1. Keep channeling your anger, because that is a force of energy deep inside you that manifests itself in your writing. You have a fundamental need to correct things that are unacceptable and you don’t give up until you find a solution.


      2. Jim i wrote my post Irritating tale thinking what would happen if we meet. I want to let you know I am only pulling your leg. OK. And do take part in these challenges Jim. Let the world see your knowledge.. You are an Academician. That means it is your sacred duty to teach the less-learned like the rest of us..

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      3. Parents have a sacred duty, I am just here to express myself. If my readers learn something from my writing then that is a win-win for both of us. I went to a so-so college and my grades were average, I don’t mind you calling me an Academician, but I don’t want to be put up on a pedestal, so I can be toppled over one day. If I am lifted up to high, then one day someone will come along and say, ‘How the mighty have fallen’, because what ever goes up usually ends up coming back down.

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      4. Who care about grades? And there is if I am correct a difference between knowledge and pride, only those who are informed can keep their heads above water.. But listen if you think it will go over your head and think about one thing that you don’t know.. And you will see that just like me, like Fandango, like Sandi you too are a human being.. And you can never know it all.. The pride will die..

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