For My Followers

Something sweet, a real treat
Not here to impress just doing my thing
I am a simple man who is not into bling
I like to write and that is what I am doing tonight
No idea where this is going, but my words keep on flowing
Sometimes I write silly poems and I can also be serious
I am not known to be mysterious I’m more like delirious
Anyway it is Friday night and eventually I will get back to Netflix
I am getting my kicks, but there is not much left in my bag of tricks
Hot again in Central Florida where I live
I will keep writing till I have nothing to give
Today we were spared the thunder showers
I am happy but my life is no bed of flowers
I saved a June bug from being stepped on
I guess he will survive to see another dawn
Later on my cat trapped a lizard out by the pool
I put it outside by the June bug, was that cruel
I am happy that it is summer, so I won’t have to go to school
I can relax, go for a swim and then take a dip in the whirlpool
Clouds overhead go floating by as I watch the Sun set in the sky
There are so many things that I want to try and learn so I can understand It would be grand if I could sit in the sand and things worked like I planned
Whatever happens, I will treasure my most precious gift
My life here on Earth seems to be going by too damn swift
I had my ups and downs, but I always got back on my feet
My poem is ending, my thoughts are gone, I quit I am beat


2 thoughts on “For My Followers

  1. I hopped over to visit after I saw your comment. This piece is great ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. Very lyrical and keeps the reader moving at a good pace. I love the part about saving the June bug. I do that as well. However, I don’t have lizards here, so my June bugs probably survive longer than yours.

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    1. Thanks, for reading and that may be the best compliment that I ever received. I thought the June bug was dead because it was not moving, but when I bent over to pick it up with a paper towel, I found out otherwise. I am not a Hindu or anything like that, but as long as I can get it out of my house that is all I am concerned about.


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