The World is a Mess

I can’t confess to saying yes, but nevertheless, I digress
Healthcare remains on hold for the Congressional recess
We should be distressed as we see icebergs begining to melt
News about the mounting defecate dictates we tighten our belt
People without diplomas and literacy skills lack economic opportunity
The jails are overloaded criminals are being set free receiving impunity Freedoms seem to disappear leading to political instability
We have so many problems now, we lost our tranquility
Don’t even get me started on the problems with education
Changes in consumer prices are causing us to battle deflation
I am not feeling safe and secure and I don’t think the swamp is being drained
All of the problems we are facing cannot be blamed on Obama as he campaigned I worry mostly about government accountability, transparency and corruption People shot by the police, causing riots to break out like a volcanic eruption People in this world are suffering from poverty and lack of basic resources
That can’t be blamed on the ‘Fake Media’, as there are no credible sources Everywhere I look I see religious conflict
No one said the world would be perfect
Why are we not doing anything about the Russian hackers
Is it just an unfortunate reality that we can’t stop hijackers
You’re darn tootin, it was Vladimir Putin
We have to avoid gluten and start rebooting
Kim Jong-un is a real bad one
Another round of sanctions are not going to stop him
I may be going out on a limb but things are looking grim

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