What the Pluck

Shakespeare might ponder, ‘To pluck or not to pluck’, and Alfred Lord Tennyson might have said, ‘Tis better to have plucked and lost than never to have plucked at all’.  For a rose that is plucked would smell as sweet and one that was unplucked.  When I see the word pluck, I think of something being pulled out of the ground, but this word can also be used when someone is taken out of a dangerous situation.  A lot of words rhyme with pluck and I bet we will see some poems about Chuck who was a schmuck with very bad luck and he drove his truck into the muck where it got struck, so he exclaimed ‘yuck, what the fuck, this really does suck’.  Perhaps there will be a poem about a buck and a duck who played hockey with a puck and a chicken who went cluck.  Maybe some genius will figure out a way to rhyme shuck, snuck and tuck with puck.

14 thoughts on “What the Pluck

  1. Well, you right straight up no nonsense stuff.. You write clearly too.. No wonder you are so knowledgeable.. And i love that your post contain so much information.

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    1. I do write silly nonsense stuff at times, but most of my posts are based on my 3 as yet unpublished books. The Water book, my Eli book and my newest book that is titled ‘So You Want To Learn Calculus’. I guess I am mostly a serious person and thanks to all your help my website here looks so much better. I just updated my Gravatar with some minor changes.

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      1. I am too but when i am writing i can free myself.. You must also have a release point activity.. Reading or driving.. Or swimming..

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  2. The first thing that I do every day after waking up, eating breakfast and checking my email is to get on WordPress Daily Prompt to see what the new word is for today. I can basically plant myself in front of my computer and write for hours and hours. I am not actually sure where my inspiration comes from, but I do like reading especially when it is research related and I also go swimming in the back yard pool. How do you find your inspiration?

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    1. Well you are an Academician. So a good grasp on the knowledge is your natural strength.. For me.. That’s a tough one.. But I like how ignorant people are. You are an engineer. You know what i mean. Its just there so people don’t really make an effort to understand.. I am not saying I understand all of it..but yeah i am always curious.. And Jim please use the reply button. It is your post. If you will not use it. I will never see your message..OK.. Keep marching.. And get those books published..

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      1. This world is filled with many different types of people and you being a philosopher would know that better than I do and most of the people are good, well at least they don’t go out and intentionally harm others, but then there are those other people who just don’t get it. The moral beliefs in these (let’s call them out of it people) have not been fully developed yet and probably never will be. These people don’t know right from wrong, but they still have issues that they are passionate about and they tend to make a lot of noise. I am not an expert in mental illness, but I do run across many students in my job as a substitute teacher who I feel sorry for because I feel that their parents are not raising them properly.

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      2. No, see you look it from an Academician point of view and your thoughts are correct.. But my idea of ignorance was of general ignorance like how things work? Many of them would not even make an effort to understand how internet works or how is that electricity is formed and why during night the light pollution increases.. Also to basic things like why the culture of their city is different.. Some do not even know the meaning of their own name.. Now come on.. Really.. You don’t need to be an Einstein to know that..


    1. Thank you very much for your nomination, however I am unsure of exactly what the Blue Sky Tag Blog Award is. I did Google it and I found a lot of bloggers making acceptances for getting this award. I also found some instructions that said I need to do these four things listed below,
      A. Thank the person who nominated you.
      B. Answer their 11 questions.
      C. Formulate 11 questions for your nominees.
      D. Tag 11 bloggers and let them know.
      This seems more like a chain letter than an actual award, so I will do A and B from above, even though it looks like you only have 10 questions, instead of 11.
      I went to that link I got in my email featuring this nomination and I assume that you want me to answer these following questions.
      1. Why you started blogging and your recent stats and how long have you been on wp?
      2. How you choose people before following like if you go through there profile take a time to read there write up?
      3. Yours free pass time?
      4. List your dreams on priority basis.
      5. Why do you follow me? And which post you liked most?
      6. Your inspirational quotes.
      7. Most secret confession you like to tell to your followers.
      8. I want you to write an article on “me” in few lines
      9. What you expect from your life partner?
      10. What is your stress / anger management
      Answer 1 – My answer is here: https://jimadamsauthordotcom.wordpress.com/home/
      Answer 2 – Quality writing does it for me, however there are some writers that I had to stop following because the advertisements on their page was messing with my virus software.
      Answer 3 – I enjoy writing the most.
      Answer 4 – Getting my book published, winning the lottery, some sexual fantasies
      Answer 5 – Actually I am not following you, I did hit the like button on one of your comments that you made on Success Inspirers’ World July 6, 2017 post ‘Born to write’, where he asks, ‘What of you’ and you responded, ‘Born to talk’ and this made me laugh.
      Answer 6 – I find inspiration in the words of René Descartes saying, ‘I think, therefore I am’, which lets me know that I am alive because I know that my brain is still working.
      Answer 7 – I am basically an open book and I really do not have any dialog with any one that follows me.
      Answer 8 – You seem like a nice girl, and I hope that you don’t take this the wrong way, but I have noticed some grammatical errors in your posts. I like your content, but I think that you should put a little more time into your writing before you release your blogs. I am a retired electrical engineer and in that field everything had to be meticulous, so I realize that we are from different backgrounds and maybe your way is better than mine.
      Answer 9 – Currently I do not have a life partner, but if I did, the best thing that I could expect is respect.
      Answer 10 – I am pretty laid back and most things do not stress me out, but I guess saying shit or fuck would be my go to for this.

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