Going Your Own Way

Baby don’t be so sad, show me your pretty smile
There is no need to scamper away acting hostile
You are an original and when you were made they broke the mold
One of a kind, you are mine, and I know that you can’t be controlled
That is OK, as I actually like you that way
You do what you want and say what you say
I am sure that the world could not handle more than one of you
You know just how to explain things in your own point of view
People have been telling you all the time, to do this or do that
But you do things your own way, as you are nobody’s doormat
I like the way you take a different perspective
Your arguments are sound and they are effective
The words that you utter on most issues are often worth repeating
You usually stay cool but you had times when you were overheating
We have had our discussions about cabbage and kings
I know that pretty soon we will be out shopping for rings
You have your own way of doing stuff and it is always done with charm
You enjoy doing your own thing, so there is no need to ever raise an alarm
We have hit some bumpy roads and had our hills to climb
We have been through the swamp and we got past the slime
We had good times and bad, but we will go the distance
The reason that we made it is because of your persistence
No matter what you do, I always enjoy the ride
I can go on any voyage while you are by my side
We went here and there traveling around from town to town
You kept me going, and we never had the need to slow down
I have always been the driver and you are a wonderful navigator
Our shared escapades seemed to always get greater and greater
We are going your way and it is another beautiful day
It is great being with you, traveling out on this highway
All said and done, it has been an adventurous trip
Especially the times when you took out your whip
Where ever we went around the globe
I never got tired of watching you disrobe
We have shared the best of times in our lives being together
Like when you wore that outfit and tickled me with a feather
You drive me crazy when you touch me with your tender hands
You know just how I like it, you are the only one who understands
I enjoy your company because I feel no need to pretend
I hope that we will always stay together to the very end