Sirens Singing

Women are impregnated by fallen angels and urged to keep their silence
They are cursed, their daughters became sirens and their sons became giants
Aglaophonus, Leukosia, Ligeia, Molpe, Parthenope, Raidne, Teles and Thelxiope
All of them lost a singing contest to the Muses, which took away their hope
The Muses plucked out their feathers and wore them as a prize
With their wings clipped, the Sirens needed a new disguise
Eventually their wings grow back in, but they were no longer able to fly
Stuck on an island they took out their revenge on all sailors that passed by
You would not want to be a passenger on a ship that goes near this island paradise
The inhabitants here are not very nice and they will make you pay the ultimate price
These unhappy winged maidens dwelt on a small island in a flowery meadow
They cleared their throats to warm up their voices, as the wind began to blow
Half human and half bird, they watch their harbor for ships going by
Many a traveler is reduced to skin and bones, without knowing why
Eight sirens distract men with their sweet singing on a Summer day
Their hypnotic voices fill the air, as they look over their new prey
The flowery island of Antheomessa draws sailors near its shores
Treacherous rocks line the coast, so sailors come in with their oars
The sailors stare at the beautiful bird women, while they drink their wine
They listen to the enchanting voices, and they become frozen there in time
The naked ears of the sailors are tortured by the sirens sweetly singing
Their voices make them follow and the sky brings them down stinging
They marvel at their beauty, as the Sirens call out their names
Sirens start out singing softly, it is how they play their games
Sailors put their glasses down, unaware that they will never reach their home
They are put into an endless trance, their ears hurt and they begin to moan
Near the raging sea, soft sultry voices sing out a melancholy tune
The sailors start to cry and scream, hoping it will all be over soon
The sailors are in agony now, as they hear the voices of the drowned
Horror and despair take over the sailors, and their brains begin to pound
The captain cries, as he sees his men dying all around him
He devises a plan, knowing that things are looking grim
He sees the siren’s face in a mirror, and he stabs it with a dagger
Dripping blood the Siren screamed and then she began to stagger
The captain prays to Vulturnus, the god of the East wind
Vulturnus never liked the sirens, so he begins to grin
He blows harder and harder till their irritating voices are no longer heard
The captain thanks the wind god, sets sail and wonders what just occurred
He says, ‘we have just touched the distant beaches like the brave Ulysses
We lost some good men, we ran away, but no one can ever call us sissies’

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